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Daniel is an angel of heaven. Younger brother to fellow angel Malachi, and younger brother to demon Kazann, Daniel appears much younger than his two older brothers. When one of his brothers, Kazann, makes his presence known on Earth, summoned by the CEO of Gustav Petroleum, Earl Gustav, it foretells of bad things to come, and as such Malachi arranges for Daniel to met him on Earth. Malachi explains the potential problems he may find himself in if either Ruth, the highest Archangel is first to track down Kazann, or the demon hunter and demon Hoss is. Malachi explains to Daniel about how he will introduce the Ghost Rider into the scenario as a way to even his odds and work the situation to his advantage. Daniel appears weary of Malachi's tactics and motives at times. When a rare human Sensitive, a human who can perceive the supernatural, supposedly one out of every four or five million, observes and witnesses Daniel and Malachi, two angels of heaven appearing on Earth, Malachi casually causes her to miscarriage as a way to make her faint, seemingly to Daniel's pause. Daniel's loyalties otherwise seem steady to both his brother and to heaven.   


The angel Daniel is a Marvel comics character. Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain, Daniel first appears in the first issue of Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation released in November 2005. Daniel seems to exist mainly as a way for his in story brother Malachi to provide exposition for the reader.   

Powers and Abilities

Supernaturally powerful and with divine abilities and powers including flight. Daniel has supernatural levels of strength, supernatural levels of speed, divine levels of energy give Daniel supernatural levels of stamina. Daniel is bullet proof and possesses extreme resistance to conventional physical. Daniel as an angel is functionally immortal.   

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