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Green Lantern: Temporary
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 2814
Sector Partner: Inapplicable
Homeworld: Earth
Predecessor: Inapplicable; stood in for Abin Sur
Successor: Inapplicable; stood in for Abin Sur


In 1873, Daniel Young was a sheriff in Bailysville, Montana charged with the responsibility of protecting the cattle town's citizens and property.  One summer day, he was chasing down a band of outlaws named the Jackson Brothers.  Their horses were startled by a spaceship soaring over head.  Young and Petey, one of the outlaws, were thrown from their mounts.  After he had captured the lone outlaw, the two vanished in a beam of emerald light.  Daniel Young had been summoned by Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, who had been wounded in a battle in deep space.  While the ship's machines healed him, Daniel Young would be a temporary replacement. 

Later that evening, the Jackson Brothers returned for Petey. They had taken Willy Benson, a boy who lived in town, as a hostage in trade for the freedom of their brother.  The sheriff would not go along with the deal.  Young faced down the outlaws wearing the colors of the Green Lantern Corps.  After the Jackson Brothers were caught, the power ring lifted off Young's finger, to return to Abin Sur.


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