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Daniel Witwicky is the son of Spike and Carly in the Marvel UK Future Timeline.


Daniel Whitwicky was created by Hasbro for of Transformers: The Movie and later the (1984) Cartoon. He was first seen in 1986 Marvel UK Comic for The Transformers and first appeared in "Time Wars" story arc issue #199 by writer Simon Furman and editor Euan Peters.

Major Story Arcs

Generation 1 Continuity

Marvel UK

UK info

Powers & Weaknesses


  • Allegiance: Autobot
  • Sub Group: Human
  • Function:

Alternate Versions

3H Productions


3h continuity

Dreamwave Publications

Generation 1

A day after a reactivated Megatron attacked and destroyed a South American rebel militia, a young Daniel reminded Spike to wear his hard hat, which he scrawled his father's name on so he wouldn't forget (the hardhat, not his name). Spike told him to go upstairs when General Robert Hallo invited himself into Spike's home.

Other Media


The Transformers (1984)

short description

Episode Appearances

  • The Keys to Vector Sigma; part 2

Transformers: The Headmasters (1987) (Japan)


Transformers: The Movie (1986)



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