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    Daniel Way is a writer, known for his work on Wolverine, Venom, Deadpool and Ghost Rider. He is also the creator of Daken, Wolverine's son.

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    Daniel Way's first publication as a writer was titled Violent Lifestyle #1, for which he received the "Xeric Grant" award from the Xeric Foundation. This led to Way meeting Marvel Comics' editor Axel Alonso, who was impressed with his work. Alonso hired Way to write a Deathlok mini-series that was cancelled soon after. He then wrote the series Gun Theory, which was cancelled after only 2 issues, along with the imprint it was under, titled Epic Comics. Way then continued writing various titles for Marvel, as he still does. He is known for writing volume 2 of Deadpool and Astonishing X-Men, and is currently writing Thunderbolts. Way also created the character of Daken, Wolverine's offspring originating from Japan.


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