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    Dr. Daniel Jackson is an archeologist who discovered that pyramids were made by aliens and joined SG1.

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    Finding the Stargate

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    Dr. Daniel Jackson was born in 1965. His parents were killed while trying to make an ancient Egyptian display and where crushed by support beams, making Daniel an orphan. Daniel was eight years old when this happened and saw it happen. Like his parents Daniel grew up to be an archeologist as well as linguist able to speak a number of different languages. Soon Daniel came up with a theory the the pyramids of Egypt where not built by humans but where made by aliens. However no one believed his theories and he began to ruin his work trying to prove them.

    After a demonstration of his theories he met and old woman named Catherine Langford. Catherine believed Daniel and asked him to help translate something back at the Cheyenne mountain base. It was there that she revealed to Daniel a stone tablet that had an unknown language on it but was found in Egypt. She asked if Daniel could translate the symbols but during his work he realized they where not a language but where constellations. They where to be used to plot a course between earth and another planet and then they showed him the Stargate. The Stargate was the device to be used to go to the other planet via the course plotted.


    A team was put together with Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill and they turned on the Stargate and went to the other planet. However the team was shocked to find their was no writings near the gate to and they had to find the address back home, so the team was stuck until they find it. They began to look for signs of life and soon found a whole civilization that seemed to be like that of ancient Egyptians. The civilization treated the group very well believing them to either be gods or sent by them. Daniel was even given the chief's daughter, Sha're to be his wife although originally he refused.

    Soon however the Gods of the people on Abydos arrived. They attacked the soldiers still at the pyramid and the captured the others in the village. Finally it was revealed that these being where not gods but an aliens acting as the sun god Ra and his followers. The alien's species had advanced technology that made them seem like gods but where really parasites that possessed humans and then enslaved and ruled them on earth and then transported them to other planets to mine for them.

    Daniel however discovered that on Earth a revolution happened and then the aliens where forced to leave earth, and the Stargate was buried. Ra outlawed reading and writing on Abydos so the truth would never be learned. Sadly however Jack O'Neill's real job on the mission came to light. He had brought with him a bomb that he would use to destroy the Stargate and any hostile life forms he may have found that would endanger Earth, but Ra had found it and was going to send it back to earth along with some Naquadah which would increase the blast strong enough to destroy Earth.

    Eventually Daniel and Jack got the villagers to revolt on Abydos and fight against the Goa'ulds. Ra tried to escaped but Daniel and Jack sent the bomb to his ship causing it to explode and him to die. Daniel chose to stay on Abydos while the others went back to earth and married Sha're whom he grew to actually love and vice versa.

    Stargate SG-1


    Three years passed but on earth the Stargate was suddenly re activated. Another Goa'uld and his forces came and kidnapped some soldiers and left. Jack O'Neill was contacted to lead new team with Samantha Carter back to Abydos. They met Daniel again but the team was surprised to see that the Goa'uld Apophis was not from Abydos. Daniel showed them that he found a cartouche that had a large number of other planets on it and realized Apophis was from one of these.

    They soon found the right one a planet called Chulak and they went there along with SG-2 to get their people back. They where got themselves but where freed by the Jaffa soldier Teal'c. Most of those captured where freed but Sha're and Skaara where taken as host for the Goa'uld. Daniel decided to join SG-1 along with Teal'c hoping to save his family.

    After a few years of adventures with the team going to many different worlds SG-1 discovered a window that would take them to another dimension. Daniel accidentally activated it and went to a parallel earth that was under attack by the Goa'uld. Daniel soon realized that this world was slightly ahead of his own and realized his would be invaded by the Goa'uld soon. He tried to warn the planet but many of the governments leader didn't believe him. Only the other members of SG-1 did so they set forth a plan to stop the invasion. They sneaked on the mother ship and found Apophis along with Skaara host to Apophis's son Klorel. They tried to save him but couldn't but with help from Bra'tac, Teal'c's mentor and fellow Jaffa rebel they destroyed the mother ship and saved Earth.

    Years later Daniel went back to Abydos and once again found his wife Sha're. She had become host to Amaunet wife of Apophis and pregnant with his child. However because this was a child of the hosts and not just the Goa'uld the child would be human with all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. Meanwhile Amaunet was dormant while pregnant so Sha're went home but after the birth she left. After Apophis was killed, Amaunet had began to work with the Goa'uld Heru'ur. However she had hidden her child on Kheb so the other Goa'ulds couldn't find him.

    After Daniel once again found his wife he was almost killed by her but Teal'c shot her. Daniel was devastated and even left the SGC. But he soon started to have visions and realized Sha're had left him messages via the Goa'uld wrist device. He soon learned the location of the child and rejoined SG-1 now having a new mission to save his wife's child. Later he found the boy at Kheb but also fond the Ascended and Oma Desala. He allowed her to care for the boy and protect him in ways Daniel couldn't.

    Some time later Daniel had found an ancient skull on a planet that had giant structures. The skull was much like something Daniel's grandfather Nick had found many years ago but after finding the skull he was taken out of phase with our reality and made somewhat like a ghost. He could hear and see but couldn't be heard or seen nor could he touch anything. Soon SG1 went to see Nick with Daniel tagging along unknown to them.

    Nick explained the skull he found was able to transport him to see giant aliens and was put in a mental institution because of it. However because of experiencing the full process unlike Daniel (Teal'c interrupted it trying to save Daniel) he could see and hear Daniel. Soon they went back to the planet and the aliens fixed Daniel and Nick stayed behind to learn from them and maybe teach them something too.

    After more time Daniel met an Unas named Chaka. Unas where the original host of Goa'ulds and where much stronger and more powerful but not as smart as humans so they where traded in. Chaka although primitive could learn very fast and Daniel taught him many things even his language an they soon became friends. Daniel even saved him from Unas slavers and got Chaka to convince some Unas to mine for a human expedition.


    Daniel once again met Sha're's son now older named Shifu. Daniel still wanted to know if he could teach him things about the Goa'uld but he was shown a vision of what would happen with their knowledge and saw that the personality of a Goa'uld would come along with it and so Shifu suppressed his knowledge not to end up like them.

    Years later Daniel and the team would go to a planet called Kelwona. Kelwona had discovered a new element the Goa'uld used called Naquadria. It was derived from Naquadah but was far more powerful and more dangerous. After an experiment went wrong Daniel had to stop a sample from exploding and then he was exposed to high levels of radiation. He was dying and nothing could be done, but during his death Oma Desala visited him and told him he could ascend like her and so he told Jack in a vision good bye and after his death he became an energy being like them and he was replaced by Jonas an alien from the planet Kelwona although Daniel would visit the team some times via visions.


    The evil Goa'uld Anubis who had ascended just like Daniel, but he came back with the knowledge of his transformation and then used this to try and take over the galaxy. Anubis found himself an ancient alien weapon and destroyed Abydos with it. Daniel tried in vain to stop him but was stopped by the other ascended, because Daniel had broke the rules by using his ascended knowledge and power to help the living, while Anubis was no longer ascended and used knowledge he could have gained as a Goa'uld.

    After this action Daniel was made human and then sent back on an alien planet naked. Months later SG-1 found him but he had no memory. Anubis then went to Kelwona wanting the Naquadria but was stopped by SG-1. Jonas then stayed behind to help his people and Daniel was taken back. Daniel piece by piece regained his memories and a few new ones such as Bra'tac and Ry'ac being captured and enslaved by Goa'ulds leading to a SG-1 rescue.

    Soon Anubis made new soldiers called Kull warriors which where stronger than any other species and could not be stopped by SG-1 teams. Daniel tried to find some ancient device in Honduras that was supposedly the fountain of youth, which may help in fighting the Kull warriors. After being freed from some Guerillas in those parts he took the item back to the SGC and soon went to work on stopping the soldiers and also finding Atlantis.

    Daniel found the location of an outpost of Atlantis and the team went there and using drone weapons killed Anubis and destroyed his ships. Finding the location of Atlantis a new team was sent there to protect that Galaxy.

    Daniel would also meet the thief Vala Mal Doran who would late become an ally to him.

    However and even greater threat loomed over them as the Replicators came to our galaxy lead by a Replicator version of Samantha Carter. Soon however a type of race was going on with the different super powers of the galaxy looking for a weapon that could destroy all life in the universe. The SG team found the weapon on Dakara and with help from Ba'al they used it to destroy the replicators who had almost wiped out the Goa'uld forces.

    Ori Threat

    However after the defeat of the Goa'uld a new threat emerged in the form of the Ori. The Ori where and off shoot of the Ancients and wanted to use their power to rule the cosmos. The even had a religion based around them and took over a galaxy. Daniel and Vala transported to their galaxy and tipped off the Ori to their existence. Soon the Ori tried to send forces to our galaxy and sent their super powered agents the Priors to the planets in our Galaxy.

    Vala was able to stop them from building a super gate in our galaxy and was once again sent to theirs. However this didn't last long. She soon gave word (via a possessed Daniel) that they had a massive fleet and where building a new super gate and even worse she was pregnant but the child had no father and was created by the Ori to lead their troops. The Ori fleet destroyed Earths forces and Daniel tried to get on board the battle cruiser holding Vala. He managed to save her but didn't get her daughter growing faster and faster thanks to the Ori now named Adria.

    Daniel and Vala went to Atlantis hoping to find a weapon powerful enough to stop the Ori and they did. It was called the Sangraal and it was in our Galaxy. Meanwhile Adria and the forces of the Ori where either converting or wiping out the peoples of our Galaxy. Soon the team along with Baal and a temporarily depowered Adria found the weapons supposed location but it wasn't there. However without Adria they did find Merlin the man who made the Sangraal and realized they needed him to make a new one.

    He went to work but due to his age he was dying and although he was able to live for many many years in stasis he still couldn't build the device so he gave his knowledge and power to Daniel to do it. Daniel went to work even fighting the painful effects of having his mind full of knowledge he couldn't handle, but Adria found the team and Daniel had to let them escape to fight her off with his powers. Adria captured him and wanted him to build the Sangraal but to use it against the Ascended not the ancients.

    She turned him into a Prior and even started to have feeling for him, but Daniel was protected by the knowledge of Merlin from being fully converted. He was still building the device and wanted to use it against the Ori. The team found him and after a few misunderstandings he took the Sangraal and sent it to the Ori's galaxy and used it to destroy them but not their forces. However with help from Morgan Le Fay he was able to find the Ark of Truth which would free people from the control of the Ori and using it on a doci the Ori no longer had any control or power on this world.


    Despite Daniel Jackson being on a team full of soldiers and warriors Daniel is a scientist and as much of a pacifist as one can be trying to save the world. Daniel will do what ever he can to make sure that people are not hurt when he is doing his job and only fights or kills when attacked. He and Jack often go to blows because Jack has a military mind and would rather blow something up than try and learn from something. Daniel has often told Jack not to jump to things whenever some type of weapon or power is involved. Daniel always looks hard to see the good in any being no matter what it may be. When he met the creator of the Replicators Reese he tried his hardest to convince her to stop and was angered when Jack shot her. Daniel was even able to forgive Teal'c for shooting Sha're since he did so to save his life and had no real choice. He is also a very spiritual person no doubt due to his research in many different cultures. He was even able to convince wild Unas to stop killing humans and even mine for them. Over the course of the series Daniel had progressed from a weak willed and allergic person to a strong and confidant man.


    Reading Cuneiform
    Reading Cuneiform

    As a member of the SGC team SG-1 Daniel has of course had allot of training in weaponry. He like many of his team mates have learned to use both alien and human weapons such as P-90s or Zat guns. However he is not the strongest member of his team and his true strengths lie with his mind

    Daniel will rather talk to the enemy versus fight them and solve things through peace. He tries to see the whole outcome of something and avoid blood shed. He speaks over 20 languages on earth and after meeting many aliens species he has been able to further increase his knowledge. He learned to speak Goa'uld, Jaffa, translated Unas, and Ancient.

    After ascending to a higher plane Daniel acquired all the knowledge and power of a normal ascended being and would talk to his team mates as guiding visions. However despite his power like the others he was bond by the rules of the species and couldn't do much of anything in this plane. However even after his de-ascension at times he showed having visions of things he knew and was later given knowledge and power by Merlin and then turned into a Prior. In fact Daniel has actually turned into a number of different things and has had a few transformations. He in a vision was shown what he would become with Goa'uld knowledge and was upgraded with a ancient alien weapon.

    Love life

    Despite being a bookish and nerdy person Daniel is quite the ladies man. Before the eventsof the movies and the show Daniel was in a relationship with Sarah Gardner, who years later would be talen over by Goa'uld Osiris. Daniel's first wife was a woman Sha're, from planet Abydos, with whom he lived with on Abydos for awhile. After Sha're was taken by the Goa'uld, and later killed, Daniel has had several different relationships over the series. Even when he had been regressed to a primitive human he had taken a mate among the species. He was also the lover of the Goa'uld Hathor and even fathered new Goa'ulds with her although they where all later killed. In one reality he was seen as a target of affection for an alternate Sam and in another timeline he married Vala Mal Doran who he currently has a love/ hate kinda of relationship. Even Vala's daughter Adria showed affection for Daniel when she turned him into a Prior and kissed him.


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