Daniel Axum

    Character » Daniel Axum appears in 10 issues.

    Super-strong person, met several defeats before being imprisoned after battle with Spider-Man. Released from prison after three years, attempted to rebuild life as professional fighter under the name Axum.

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    Daniel Brough developed super strength and other powers, he would decide to use his powers to become a small time villain, and as the Battler he would steal and gain financially from his work. He would also however earn notoriety as well as the Battler, and Spider-man would involve himself and defeat and catch the criminal strongman. In Prison Daniel would take the last name Axum. Getting released Axum would become a reluctant underground fighting attraction and eventually champion.  


    Axum is a Marvel comic books character that first appears in Thunderbolts #76. Axum was created by John Arcudi and Francisco Ruiz Velasco. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Axum possesses superhuman levels of strength and durability. Axum has sufficient strength that allows him to lift upwards of a ton. Axum is a fearsome and experienced brawler style fighter.   
    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 6' 9" 
    Weight: 403 lbs 
    Eyes: Brown (left eye is scarred) 
    Hair: Black 

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