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    A female Zeltros, Dani was an exceptional thief and a member of the Rik Duel gang. After several run ins with the Rebel Alliance, Dani joined them after the battle of Endor and had a noticable crush on Luke Skywalker. Dani was one of the soldiers personally trained Luke.

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    Dani first made her way into the galaxy by teaming up with Rik Duel, a Corellian smuggler, and his partner Chihdo, a Rodian. Dani would leave Zeltros and travel with Rik's gang aboard the Moonshadow working as a smuggler for a few years becoming quite the con-artist. Dani herself would become proficient with picking locks aiding in their less than legal activities. The gang built up a reputation and were familiar with a number of other famous Smugglers such as Han Solo and Dash Rendar. After pulling off a number of elaborate scams and heists Dani accumulated 6 death sentences on six different systems. Dani usually knew better than Rik in his get rich quick schemes though she went along anyway. Dani was almost never paid for any of her work under Rik though still showed an amazing amount of loyalty to him by sticking with the gang through the good and mostly bad times.

    Meeting Luke Skywalker and the Alliance

    After the Battle of Yavin the Rik Duel gang were operating on Stenos, an Outer Rim world. The gang was hired by former senator and current Imperial Governor Quorl Matrin to find an idol on Stenos. The idol was of Vol, a native god to the Stenaxes who stopped flying in disgrace when the idol was lost during an earthquake. Matrin who was an art aficionado promised to pay the gang if they were able to find the idol. The gang started looking while looting the area of valuables. It was during this mission the gang met up with Rebel heroes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. The rebels were their to check on a hidden base that the Alliance had lost touch with. Rik Duel scammed the group into helping look for the idol saying they needed it to appease the local populace into revealing the location of the Rebel Base. Solo had reservations about Duel since he knew him from his past though they agreed to find the idol since they had no other clues to go on. Dani was immediately attracted to the young Jedi Luke who embarrassed him with her flirtatious nature. Once the Millennium Falcon was moved into the Temple the Rebel team was occupying, C-3PO was able to pinpoint the location of the idol from some local carvings. Once the idol was found Rik Duel and the gang double crossed the Rebels and left them to be apprehended by the local authorities. Dani was able to give Skywalker a kiss and told him to look her up if they escaped. As the gang was making their way back to the Moonshadow, Rik considered selling the idol to another bidder for more money, but the Imperial Governor was ahead of them by beating them to their ship. Once the idol was on his possession the governor ordered the gang killed for their treachery. Just then the Stenaxes surrounded the group, flying since the idol of their god had been found. Rik used the situation to his advantage by pointing out the Governors plan to keep the idol. While Dani and the gang escaped, the governor and his guards were ripped to pieces by the flying aliens. The bodies could not be identified.

    Re-meeting Luke Skywalker

    After living on Stenos for a few years Dani had grown accustom to the area, learning to fly the primitive air machines to keep up with the locals. The gang would next run into Luke Skywalker when he was on Stenos hunting Bossk and IG-88 after Han Solo was captured by Boba Fett. Luke along with Lando Calrissian were their to learn where Fett may have taken Han from the other bounty hunters. After Luke ducted in a back alley he ran into Dani and Rik once more. Dani was immediately smitten with the Jedi which Luke again fought off. They secured Luke's help to find their Rodian friend Chihdo who had gone missing a few days before. The group became seperated when Luke was called by Lando reporting they found where Solo was taken by Boba Fett. Without Skywalker's aide Dani and Rik still found Chihdo who was frozen in carbonite by Bossk and IG-88 as bait for Luke and Lando. The bounty hunters hoped to collect the large bounties on the rebels heads and would have if Rik and Dani had not surprised them during the ambush. Once a firefight ensued IG-88 used a signal launcher to call for backup and the smugglers and rebels were quickly outnumbered.

    Luke, Rik, and Chewbacca escaped while Dani and Lando were captured. The pair were lead away by the bounty hunters and Dani was visibly disturbed by being killed or frozen and clung to Lando, which he liked. Lando was convinced he could bribe their guards for freedom until his nemesis Barpotomous Drebble arrived to buy Lando as a trophey Dani at this point threw herself at the guards begging to be let go, trying to use her pheromones to influence them. After being thrown back and then knocking out the guard Lando and Dani escaped into a nearby building. While they thought they were safe Dani and Lando noticed they had ducted right into the carbonite freezing chamber they were being lead to in the first place. Bossk and IG-88 then tried to use Dani as a test subject for the freezing chamber when the group was then jumped by Rik Duel and Luke Skywalker. After a short battle the bounty hunters were again attacked by the Stenaxes who were being lead by Chewbacca. The natives made short work of the bounty hunters and Chewbacca himself knockout both IG-88 and Bossk. After the battle Rik started to ponder how Chewbacca got the notoriously uncooperative Stenaxes to fight and the Rebels hightailed it off of Stenos. Dani had snuck aboard the Falcon since she was finally sick of Rik's schemes and wanted to be alone with Luke.

    Crew of the Falcon

    After joining the crew of the Millennium Falcon they were sent to the Lahsbane to locate some data tapes that were lost by a rebel spy who was stirring up rebel sentiment around those planets. The spy was shot down and killed during an ambush and the tapes lost on the planets surface. Once the Millennium Falcon landed carrying Luke, Leia, Lando, Han, Chewbacca, and Dani the ship became stuck due to heavy pollen becoming lodged in the intake valves. Without air support the men had to quickly camouflage the Falcon from a nearby Stormtrooper legion. Dani who just wanted Luke's attention was stuck with Leia and the two began a heated argument with Dani calling Leia a pompous diplomat with no actual title and Leia exclaiming Dani was just a two-bit thief. To prove each other wrong they acquired a hot air balloon from the native Lahsbees and set off for the Forbidden City to retrieve the tapes. Little did they know the city was home to the Lahsbees mature form called Hunhks. Once Leia had secured the tapes and Dani had pocketed some treasure, not surprisingly, they were confronted by the Hunhks and were forced to flee since they did not bring any weapons along. They were only saved due to the timely intervention of Luke and his blaster. While the group pondered how to get off the planet Dani stole an Imperial Delta Class Shuttle and headed off with the treasure she had stolen returning to Rik Duel since she failed go get a rise out of Luke Skywalker.

    Further Adventures

    Once she was on her way Dani was sidetracked to Kabray Station due to a diplomatic conference where Zeltros was participating in the discussions. There she witnessed a Lashbee mature into a Huhnk and attack the conference. The beast was lured into a docile state by Leia who was representing the Alliance at the talks. Once Dani had rejoined Rik, who quickly forgave her due to the ship full of treasure, she resumed her smuggling and thieving ways. This continued past the Battle of Endor. The next time the gang would meet Skywalker was on Iskalon where Rik was performing a salvage operation and Skywalker was there to discuss with The School, the possibility of them attending a conference of free planets. Dani was incredibly excited to see Luke again and nearly jumped him in that excitment. Luke on the other hand was disgusted with their looting and order them to stop. Just then a Chiaki, a massive serpent creature, rose from the depths and attacked the group. Luke was able to fend the creature off, but The School had lured the creature to stop Rik and Dani's looting. After the creature left, a fight started between the smugglers and aquatic sentients of The School. Luke did his best to reslove this peacefully and fully demonstrated his force powers to which Rik, Dani, and Chihdo were amazed. The battle was stopped when Kiro the "defender of Iskalon" arrived and recognized Luke. Once the leader of Iskalon Moore asked Luke to leave Kiro propositioned Luke to accept him as a traveling companion so he could see the galaxy. Luke agreed and forced Rik, Dani, and Chihdo to give Kiro a ride since Luke's X-Wing cold only fit himself and Plif, who is the size of a house cat.

    Joining the Alliance

    After Iskalon the Rik Duel Gang joined the Alliance and followed Luke and Plif on their next diplomatic mission to Shawken. Once their the smugglers did not want to sit around for the talks so Sandor, the resident leader advised they could explore the catacombs instead. Seeing a business opportunity the gang made their way to the ruins. Dani was able to lose their escort by flirting with the married guard till he left due to the awkwardness. Once the gang reached an elaborate tomb Kiro showed up to check on the gang and was appalled by their behavior. Chihdo fired his blaster at Kiro has an intimidation, though this just made Kiro throw him through a wall. This activated a lever which sealed the tomb and activated the Shawken Device, a long dormant super weapon. Once sealed the group began to panic and Kiro became the only voice of reason saying Luke and Plif would rescue them. Dani became attached to Kiro due to his confidence. She often panicked the face of her own death. Once Luke and Plif did rescue them Dani forgot Kiro and latched onto Luke once again. With the activation of the device the entire planet of Shawken was in danger and both Luke and Kiro set off to stop it. Dani wished both Kiro and her beloved good luck. The gang could only stay behind and await their results. Later Luke returned carrying Kiro who had destroyed the weapon, but seemingly gave his life to do so. Plif was able to recognize faint life readings and the group retreated to the surface to seek medical attention for the Iskalon warrior.

    Once space side the group rushed Kiro to the closest medical station, the Rebel Base on Endor. Once their Dani greeted Leia with enthusiasm over being alone on a planet with a bunch of soldiers. The gang then formally joined the Alliance and stayed even after Kiro made a full recovery. They spent their days winning cards against the Allaince soldiers which got thme into trouble with a man named Crin who shot Chihdo and threatened Rik and Dani for cheating. Dani jumped Crin in an attempt to disarm him, but it took Luke to disolve the situation and clear the gangs reputation. After that Dani, Rik, Chihdo, Kiro, and a few others were chosen to be specially trained by Luke Skywaler as soldiers for the Alliance. This group thought they may become Jedi since Luke was the teacher though only Kiro was force sensitive and Luke refused for fear of creating another Vader. Dani continued to train on Endor and began making friends with other members of the Alliance including the Lahsbees. Admiral Ackbar forbid her to interfere with their matter for fear of them turning into Huhks. Dani was witness to an honor duel between the Ewok Tippet and a Lahsbee where the Lahsbee turned into a Huhk during the duel and both the Lahsbees and Ewoks had to subdue the creature. After this incident Kiro and Dani formed a relationship. While some said she only liked Kiro due to his blond hair and force sensitive powers like her longtime crush Luke, this was made mute when both beings fell in love.

    Agent of the Alliance

    Once the two were madly in love their commander Luke Skywalker ordered them to help him with a mission. Skywaler had sent twenty agents to the planet Kinooine since the Alliance's sensors had detected life on the barren rock. This group had not reported back so Luke, Dani, and Kiro departed for Kinooine. Once their Dani and Kiro began walking the shoreline while Luke unpacked the gear. Luke warned them to not go far, but they failed to heed his warning and they were attacked by Dark Lady Lumiya wielding her Lightwhip. Dani was taken prisoner while Kiro was left for dead with his rebreather suit slashed open. He barley managed to make it back to Luke where he collapsed. Luke then found and dueled Lumiya though was defeated and imprisoned alongside Dani and Faron, a survivor of the original scouting party. Lumiya's aide, a Nagai named Den Siva, became intrigued by Dani due to her species. he wanted to know how four Zeltrons had bested an entire squad of Nagai. Using a machine to analyze her genetic makeup, at great pain to Dani, Den Siva tried to learn the secrets of her kind. Faron attempted to stop the tortue by attacking Siva with Siva's own knife though he was struck down when Siva threw his second knife into Faron's chest. Dani was taken back to her cell where she was alone, scared, and huddled in a fetal position. Siva developed an obssesion with Dani and left her flowers in her cell and exclaimed she changed his ideas about true beauty. After this Dani was finally rescued by Kiro who repaired his rebreather suit and carried Dani out of her cell. Luke stayed behind to infiltrate the base while Kiro and Dani made their way back to the ship. Den Siva cut them off and started a brutal knife fight with Kiro over Dani. Den Siva destroyed Kiro's helmet depriving him of the water he needed to breathe. Kiro then tackled Siva into the nearby river and they began fighting underwater where Siva sliced Kiro's chest open. Luke arrived moments later to a distraught Dani crying over Kiro's death. Luke and Dani searched for the body though were unable to find one. Dani could not be comforted and refused to believe he survuved the encounter.

    After Kiro's Death

    Back on base Dani became sullen and would not open up to any of her friends and allies, not even Rik Duel and Chihdo. Dani would soon be drawn into the Nagai-Tof war along with the rest of the Alliance and would open up to her friends again though her playfulness was replaced by a desire for vengeance against Den Siva and his entire species. Han Solo escorted Dani back to Zeltros where the planet held a party in the Rebels honor though Dani had only come to convince her people to fight against the Nagai and exterminate them. Due to Dani's ranting about the Nagai, Leia escorted her to a private chamber to try to comfort her. Their Den Siva ambushed both women and captured Dani with one swing while his men stunned Leia. Once Siva's men had secured everyone at the party a Tof Supreme lead a squad and captured them all including Siva. Dani was used by the Tof to make Siva vetray his own kind for her by leading a large number of Nagai into an ambush. During this time Dani and Leia attempted to escape and were in turn resuced by Luke leading a squad of the insect sentient species Hiromi. Dani then wanted to allow the Tof their victory over Den Siva hoping they would kill him on return. Leia convinced her to help them save Siva since they still had Han Solo and other Rebels as hostages. Once on position Dani had a clear shot at Siva and had to be talked down by Luke and Plif. Once they ambush happened and was successful a Nagai under Siva tried to shoot Dani as a final stab at the Alliance though Siva shot him before he killed Dani. This action opened talks between the Nagai and Alliance to side against the Tof.

    Nagai-Tof War

    Dani was in a terrible position during the Nagai-Tof war, not only was she supposed to tolerate the Nagai who killed her lover Kiro, but she was partnered with Den Siva his killer. They served as scouts and intelligence agents during the battle of Saijo which was poised to end the war. Many began to believe that Siva and Dani were in love due to the time they spent together, buth this was untrue. Dani and Siva could understand each other easily since Dani came from Zeltros a world of playfulness and thrills, but became cold and hard while Siva came from the militant Nagai and started to enjoy the pleasures of the world. Their dual natures made it easy for them to work together though Dani did not enjoy it and always shot down Siva's advances. Luke Skwalker devised a plan to end the war quickly. He formed a task force comprised of Dani, Den Siva, Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Knife to infiltrate the Tof throne room and end the war. The Nagai posed has war prisoners while the women dressed in Tof dresses and this group was able to infiltrate the throne room. However the attack was routed by Dark Lady Lumiya who was trying to negotiate a truce with the Tof. The firefight ended when Bey, an Alliance agent, knocked out Lumiya and the war was finally at an end.

    After the war, Dani still harbored resentment for the Nagai for killing Kiro and torturing her. Dani returned to Zeltros and drowned her sorrows the way most sentients do. In spice wine, sex, and the thrills of her planet. She would take a variety of jobs including hiring herself as an assassin which she kept hidden from her Alliance allies and even Rik Duel and Chihdo. After the formation of the New Republic, Luke had sent a crew with a message for Dani. Kiro was alive and well. He had reurned to Iskalon and The School to help repel the Nagai invasion and asked Skywalker to not reveal his survival to Dani since his worlds problems were bigger than his needs. When Luke saw what his "death" had done to Dani he broke this promise. It is unknown what happened to Dani after this point.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dani as a smuggler and thief was an expert at picking locks and knew how to fly different classes of ships from Rik's Moonshadow to a stolen Imperial Delta Class Shuttle. She was known to be a crack shot with a blaster which served her well during her smuggling days. After joining the Alliance, Dani was trained by Luke Skywalker in tactics, hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, meditation, and weaponry to become a soldier of the Alliance and Dani was one of his best students. Her skills served her well during the Nagai-Tof war where she served as an intelligence agent on the front lines and later as an assassin for hire during her downer days after the war. Dani was a Zeltron which gave her the natural abilities of her race. She could manipulate her pheromones to make herself even more beatuful to the men around her though she often did not need this to get their attention. Dani could also read a sentients emotions and as a Zeltron found pleasure in positive ones such as joy and lust though found anger, fear, and hate distasteful.


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