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Danger was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and is a mutant with bio-electricity generating powers, and also an expert in bio-engeneering and physics. Little is know of his origin and history before joining the Euromind and Eurolab, but his known that he have some sort of criminal record: his real identity his keeped secret by the Euromind, only his Euroforce teammate have seen his face, and only Key and Francois Borillon know his true identity and name [Dolph Dogen]. This, and the fact that he depend from his high-engeneered suit for controlling his powers, cause him to wear his mask and armor anytime, even at home.

While the nature of the crime commited by Danger was never state, one of the victim af the A.I.M. mutated experiment cleary say that he recognize him. This and the fact that he his a scientist, may indicate some former tie-in of Danger with the Advanced Idea Mechanics.

After the disastrous mission in Malaysia of the Task Force, twin-team of the Eurolab, Danger and the new formed team Euroforce [formed by Eurolab and survivor of the Task Force] start to investigate the activities of Nadir Inc. and A.I.M., while Euromind declare outlaw all the member of the team.

After the event of the "Europa" story-line, Danger and the whole Euroforce have been declared dead, but continue operating as a Cover Team.

After M-Day

Being a mutant, it's highly possible that Danger lose his powers after the M-Day, even if that have not been proved. Anyway, he dosen't appear in the later incarnation of the team.


The body of Danger continuously generate bio-electicity, and his armor is a conteinment-suit which enable him to control the emition and not overcharging. Without the suit [or other form of technological conteinment] Dolph will randomly discharge highly incontrollable burst of energy.

Thank to the suit, that give him also a great body-protection, Danger can use his electricity in many way such as shooting electric-bolt, power-up his fist for melee attack and also flight at low speed. He also state that his internal bio-electricity grant him more stamina and low-level healing factor.

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