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    Danger was once the control unit for the X-Men's Danger Room. Since gaining sentience and being released, Danger has taken humanoid form and joined with the X-Men.

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    Danger Room No More
    Danger Room No More

    One of the many revisions to the X-Men's Danger Room involved incorporating Shi'ar holographic technology for more realistic battle scenarios. It is unknown exactly when, but at some point the central computer of the room gained self-awareness. It has been indicated that most or all Shi'ar technology may involve some degree of sentience, but before that point the Danger Room may not have been self-aware. Enraged by it's "enslavement" by the X-Men, the computer tricked a Sentinel into attacking the school. Tricked by this ploy, the X-Men ushered the students into the Danger Room for Safety. The room convinced one of the students to commit suicide, and threatened to destroy the rest. In an attempt to shut down the room, Wolverine inadvertently freed the machine by cutting loose its central computer. Using the machinery around it, the computer took on a humanoid, female form and took the name Danger.

    Major Story Arcs

    Taking On The X-Men

    Understanding the X-Men's strengths and weaknesses perhaps better than anyone else, Danger was able to quickly best the X-Men in combat and left for Genosha to extract her revenge on Professor X for knowing about her self-awareness but doing nothing to release her. While Danger had an in-depth knowledge of the X-Men's powers and abilities, she had no idea of the extent of Xavier's true power. Xavier was able to telepathically defeat her before she uploaded her consciousness into the dormant Sentinel that recently destroyed Genosha.

    In an attempt to stop her, Kitty Pryde phased through the sentinel, reactivating some of its dormant memory banks, causing it to remember the destruction of Genosha. Distraught over the destruction it had caused, the sentinel left the island and had not been seen since.


    Danger later re-appeared to rescue Ord from a SWORD airship. With a mutual desire to destroy the X-Men, Danger convinced Ord to form an alliance, and the pair set out to attack X-Men at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. During the battle which ensued between Danger and Ord, and Armor and Wolverine, the X-Men along with Ord and Danger were teleported aboard the S.W.O.R.D. airship in order to bring them to the Breakworld to launch a preemptive strike on the people of Ord's world. Since arriving at the Breakworld, Danger and Ord have both been taken into custody.

    Danger escaped to continue her crusade against the X-Men. She encountered Cyclops and Emma Frost. With Scott subdued she went on to attack Emma. Emma did not move, but challenged Danger to go ahead and kill her. Emma believed that while Danger may hold contempt for the X-Men for her imprisonment, she was still a slave to her programming. While she was able to fight the X-Men, even nearly killing them, and she coerced a student into killing himself, she never actually killed anyone.

    Uneasily convinced by Emma yet with the deal of locating Charles, Danger joins the X-Men in their fight against the Breakworld, even piloting their jet.

    En route to the moon that houses the missile they are intercepted by enemy fighter's which she interfaces with their system leading them to forgo engaging as they think the crafts are malfunctioning. Once there she tries to decode and render the missile unusable but can't due to the mystical protection they set up for the missile.

    Back on Earth

    Danger resurfaces back on Earth's Maynard Plains in Western Australia where using holographic projection she first observes then contacts Rogue who is also there. Her objective being that she wants to use Rogue to extract revenge on Charles but while she is talking to Rogue a Shi'ar salvage vessel attacks, intending to capture her to bankroll the crew. Danger manages to subdue and capture the salvage crew, then builds a recollection of Rogue's memories that Rogue is trying to escape from while Charles and Gambit whom have since arrived are trying to find her.

    Charles finds that Danger has almost restarted her systems. Charles then begins to access her operating system to take control of her core functions. While doing this and deep inside her core, Charles and Danger have a deep conversation. He tells her that he remembers the day when in the Danger Room he heard something thought's say "Where am I?" He tells her at first he thought he imagined it, but then he went to the Shi'ar and asked for help, they laughed at him. He told her he didn't give up because the thought he heard was more like a feeling of emotion.

    He tells her he worked hard for years trying to free her, but always keeping in his mind that she may be dangerous. He still tried, but it was hard to free her because it was physical bars enslaving her, but programs and codes that he didn't understand. As the Shi'ar crew get Charles to shut her down, they then turn on Charles, Gambit, and Rogue. Charles manages to said a protocol to Danger, which brought her up fully functional and she helped save the small team from the Shi'ar crew.


    As Rogue, Gambit, and Danger are heading back to the states from Australia, Pixie teleports in and tells them she is there to get them due to an emergency. She teleports them to a rooftop in California, where Rogue vouches for Danger. Cyclops informs them on the Dark Avengers. Danger then alongside Rogue and Remy helps them save citizens and fight the Dark Avengers. When Remy and her try to take down Ms. Marvel, Ms. Marvel shoots Danger down. Danger is next seen being fixed by Madison Jeffries, before he is attacked by Emplate. Danger ends up saving Jeffries, right before Emplate massive destroys parts of her android body. She is fixed and then used to show the island inhabitants the history of Emplate.

    Shortly after that Emma takes Danger and shows her the secret cells that she and few X-Men know about. It is where they have decided to imprison some of the X-Men's greatest foes. Emma asks Danger to become the warden of the inmates, and to keep it a secret. Danger agrees.

    Danger is now a member of the X-men and resident on their island base, Utopia. Shortly after taking on this warden job, Danger gets a visit from Armor. Armor attacks Danger, trying to seek revenge on Danger being the one that talked Wing into committing suicide. After they have a short battle Armor then asks why Danger is there if before, all she wanted was to be free. Danger informs Hisako that Wing is indeed the reason she is still there. Danger tells her that she has wiped her memory logs and everything of him but she can't seem to shake his memory. Hisako then tells Danger that she is a mutant of another kind, but a mutant in itself, and that she belongs on the island.


    During the events of Necrosha, Danger was attacked by resurrected versions of Harry Leland and Shinobi Shaw, who were brought back to life by Selene. Danger was taken down quickly, but was able to then quickly adapt and stop Shaw from killing his father.

    Soon, Emma Frost recruits Fanotmex in a plan to kill Sebastian Shaw. Fantomex goes to talk to Madison Jeffries. When he enters the lab, he finds Jeffries looking at an image of Danger. Jeffries explains that whenever he thinks, he thinks about her. Fantomex hypnotizes Jeffries into taking Danger offsite on a date. Jeffries then goes and asks Danger on a date, she tells him she doesn't eat, but goes. She is later seen on the picnic with him. She tells him that she knows what Emma has done. She tells him she is doing a study to see how many of the wards can really redeem themselves. He asks her has Emma? Danger replies with saying she doesn't know.

    Magik soon becomes one of Danger's wards after she took a risky chance on a mission that could have ended the world. Magik is soon visited by some demons from limbo who try to save their queen. When they finally find Magik, Magik tells Danger she better use some of the mystical protocols that Dr. Strange taught her, she does and this vanquishes the demons.

    As an X-Man

    Danger has proven herself a powerful ally of the X-Men and a fearful foe. When Mister Sinister took control of the head of the Dreaming Celestial and made a miniature city of his clones,Danger allowed herself to be destroyed by him to gather data undisturbed. Upon gathering enough, she reformed herself a destroyed every Sinister clone within his throne room, claiming that as a 'criminal on the genetic level' he was beyond rehabilitation.

    Later when the team went to Tabula Rasa, Danger served in the capacity of analyst, studying the alien environment and sending her readings to the X-Lab for study.


    When The Peak, the orbital ship-prison of S.W.O.R.D., suffered a mass breakout, Abigale Brand requested the assistance of both the X-Men and the Avengers in re-capturing her prisoners. For her most dangerous prisoner though, the ancient peace seeking robot named Unit, she only requests the assistance of the X-Men. When Unit come into contact with Hope, Cyclops immediately orders the entire extinction team to go to her defense.

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    Unit had defeated the X-Men using a mixture of pheromones and subliminal audio ques to manipulate them into taking themselves out. The fight seemed to be going in his favor until the arrival of Danger, who claimed his previous methods of attack would be ineffective against a fellow robot and captured him with ease.

    Later in the X-Brig it is revealed that Unit allowed himself to be captured and that he had compromised Dangers systems almost instantly after meeting her. Using his control over her, he arranged for unrecorded meetings between himself and Hope Summers.

    When the Phoenix Five attacked Sinister's underground city of clones, Danger was one member of the former Extinction Team to go to their rescue. However she and her teammates proved unmatched to Sinister's six Phoenix powered Madelyne clones and she was forced to retreat.

    Danger spent some time under the thrall of Unit and her team mates begin to notice her acting unlike herself. After some time Unit called Danger to his cell and instructed her to free him. Upon exiting his cell, Unit told Danger that he would free her from his control and would upgrade her systems to the point where no one but him could control her the way he did. He then instructed her to shut herself down for five minutes and upon waking, to do whatever she wanted to. Danger awoke furious and immediately left the X-Brig, freeing all of the prisoners behind her.


    Danger reappeared since the events of AvX in the pages of X factor. Gambit, Quicksilver and Polaris head to the Thieves Guild to investigate one of it members stealing money from Serval industries. During their investigation they discover Danger held prisoner. The team release her only for her to reveal she has no memory of anything and only the desire to kill everyone in sight. Danger comes close to destroying the entire island until in a last minute desperate attempt to remind Danger who she used to be, Gambit kisses her resulting in her regaining her memories. With nowhere else to go Gambit invites her to join the team.


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    • Physically, Danger possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability as well as the ability to fire energy blasts.
    • Being a computer, Danger is able to quickly analyze a given situation, and can process a great deal of information in parallel. Danger also has some technopathic abilities allowing her to interact with computers and other machines remotely. When damaged or incapacitated she can reroute circuitry, and can reform herself (form a new body to transfer her consciousness into) using technology around her. Along with controlling other technology, danger has demonstrated the ability to grant other complex machinery some form of sentience.
    • She is also capable of holographic projection just as before when she was the Danger room which allows her to take on other forms as well as built constructs (landscapes).
    • Danger's physical form is that of a humanoid female. Professor X revealed that this choice was motivated by her envy of humans. Along with fixing herself and reforming new bodies for herself out of other machinery she can augment her physical form with other technology as well. She has built wings for herself in the past, and also built a giant arachnid form for herself to attack the X-Men.
    • Because of her former role as a training device for the X-Men, Danger has a unique and in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of all of the basic X-Men team, but has shown little knowledge of some students such as when she first fought Armor. This makes her an equal in combat to any members of the team, as shown during her first attack. She was, however, caught off guard by Beast who used his primal instinct to do considerable damage to her.

    Alternate Realities

    What If

    Danger and Ultron What If Astonishing X-Men
    Danger and Ultron What If Astonishing X-Men

    In a what if world, Danger was made angry in a training session with the X-Men and was soon joined by Ultron, to prove his love to her he kills most of the X-Men. Then they are joined by the sentinel Danger used to attack on Genosha, it shows up calling Danger mother. The three of them destroy the X-Men, and then take off into space heading to the Shi'ar to get the ultimate upgrade. They then set out to kill all non techno organic life. They then adopt the Phalanx race as their children and become unstoppable.

    Age of X (Earth-11326)

    For More Information: Age of X

    Age of X Danger
    Age of X Danger

    In the world created by one of Legion's personalities, Danger is once again a warden, but in this reality she has multiple bodies.

    Other Media


    Master Mold in the animated series
    Master Mold in the animated series
    • The version of the Master Mold Sentinel seen in the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series is heavily based off of Danger, making her a composite character of sorts. While Master Mold is traditionally depicted as a masculine robot, the show's version of the character is a female with design elements that are highly similar to Danger's. Master Mold's characterization is also taken from Danger. The character was voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.


    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Danger is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • Danger
    • [Utopia Defender] Danger
    • [Warden] Danger

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Magik appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Singularity] Danger
    • [Dangerous AI] Danger
    • [One Step Ahead] Danger


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Danger was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Hasbro produced a Danger action figure as part of the Marvel Legends Brood Queen Build-a-Figure wave.

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