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    This is a mostly average entry in the Danger Girl stories.  As opposed to some other series the stakes here are a bit higher, but then as the writers are not shy to admit, this is Vegas and so of course the stakes are high.  The action revolves around recovering a jewel from a man named Akoo, though as usual there are a few double crosses along the way.  The Vegas theme is taken a bit too far at times, what with the villain that decides if he will kill people based off a slot machine built into his chest, but for a change it is nice to see the entire team in action here, including Val, Deuce and Johnny.  The climax is a bit of a surprise, but to get there was not as fun as usual.  There were some nice character moments along the way as well, but even these seemed less common than usual.  It ends up being one of the more average Danger Girl entries. 

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