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Abbey Chase and Johnny Barracuda recover a mysterious Jewel for the rich Prince Akoo. As thanks, the Danger Girl team are invited to his private hotel casino in Las Vegas.Undercover Abbey Chase is gambling somewhere in South Africa with a bunch of thieves in order to get her hands on a mysterious ancient jewel. She cheats her way to a winning hand, but just as she leaves her deceipt is revealed and the other players jump here. Cue Johnny Barracuda, "Danger Boy", to save the day. Smashing through the warehouse doors, Johnny picks up Abbey and they drive straight off the nearby pier and the car unexpectedly changes into a boat.

In Las Vegas, the Danger Girl team are enjoying the attention from their satisfied client Prince Akoo, accompanied by his bodyguard Jackpot. Prince Akoo has put on private event in honor of their success in retrieving the jewel. A personal concierge dressed as an egyptian servant named Xyra escorts the team their private suites. However, as Abbey heads upstairs alone, she is attacked by an assassin who claims to be after the Jewel of Eternity. As Abbey dances with the dangerous blade of this assassin, Sydney Savage and Silicon Valerie enjoy a luxurious mud-bath. Abbey bests the assassin who is none other than their personal concierge Xyra, and she admits to Abbey that she searches for the jewel in order to stop Prince Akoo from achieving his evil goal.

With the team assembled, Xyra explains that long ago a Pharoah of Egypt had lost his power and his palace was overun by angry citizens. His daughter, having magical powers, bestowed her father with a jewel that "could return him to his former glory." In fact, what the jewel was able to do was use other jewels as "magical transmitters" and could syphon the life from whomever held any kind of jewel. The pharoah became a god again.

Meanwhile, two armed men attempt to enter the private quarters of Prince Akoo but are stopped by Jackpot with his mini-flamethrower.

The form a plan to stop Prince Akoo from activating the jewel, but find out that Silicon is with him. Sydney and Abbey disguise themselves as gogo dancers at the show Prince Akoo and Silicon are watching in order to spring an attack on him. Their plan fails and Deuce and Silicon are captured and led to an underground lair. After the remaining team members and Xyra find the lair, Prince Akoo raises a group of dead egyptian zombies and orders them to attack Danger Girl. They fight off as many as they can and the jewel is broken in the ensuing fight.

Xyra grabs the dropped jewel and we realise that in fact Xyra was the evil master of this artifact. Prince Akoo had used all this as a diversion to force Xyra to show herself. Xyra, the daughter of that once great pharoah, had killed her father and used the jewel for many centuries to prolong her life. As she is attacked by the other members, Silicon picks up the dropped jewel and smashes on the ground killing all the zombies and Xyra. The day is saved.

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