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A Crazy Crossover...Crazy Enough To Work?

Army of Darkness and Danger Girl, two franchise that have nothing in common are coming together.

The Good 

I always enjoy a good crossover. When they're well written and there's a good reason in the story, it's fun seeing the different characters meet for the first time. Some crossovers make a lot of sense and others can feel too forced. Mixing Danger Girl with Army of Darkness is not something I would have thought of...but that's not a bad thing.

As with your typical first issue, you need a good set up. We start off with Abbey Chase and soon see how she will be brought into the Army of Darkness world. It's a pretty good set up and it makes sense. That's what matters. Because it's written by Danger Girl co-creator Andy Hartnell, you know that those characters will be written the way they should be. Too many times in these types of crossovers you can barely recognize the way characters are portrayed.

Chris Bolson captures the looks of the Danger Girl team. It has been a while since I've read a Danger Girl comic but they all look as they should and look as good as you would expect. There's plenty of crazy action scenes and the main part of the story hasn't even begun. I will definitely be looking forward to see how he handles the next issue.

The Bad 

The first thing people will likely notice is the J. Scott Campbell cover. Unless you're fully aware of the creative team, some may be disappointed that there are no J. Scott Campbell interiors. Bolson does a great job on the interiors and as much as I enjoy a Campbell cover, part of me would have preferred a Bolson cover instead. 

Some of the lingo used felt like the script was trying to be relevant in today. Phrases like "Deleting you from my friends list" or "Just tagged your location" made me cringe a little.

The biggest complaint is Ash doesn't even appear in this issue and he's the one crossing over with Danger Girl.

The Verdict 

I had some doubts when I first heard of this crossover. It seems crazy. But it just might work. Andy Hartnell ensures that the Danger Girl portion will be properly written. He's also written some Army of Darkness so that should work as well. The story set up makes sense and this issue sets up the story nicely. Chris Bolson draws the girls nicely as well as the big action scenes and explosions. The main problem with this issue is Ash doesn't really appear. He is mentioned in a way but for a crossover, you expect to see the star of the other franchise to appear. Being that it is the first issue, it's understandable that the overall story needs to be set up. Also because this is a six issue series rather than a four issue, I have a little more confidence that there is enough to the idea of the story to validate those six issues rather than something quick and gimmicky. 

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