Danger Girl #7

    Danger Girl » Danger Girl #7 - Into the Danger Zone released by DC Comics on February 2001.

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    Abbey Chase heads for the main control room of Hammer Island while Sydney Savage and Johnny Barracuda make their own escape. Abbey uses a disk given to her by Silicon Valerie so Silicon can remotely control Hammer Island's systems and find a structural map of the island. Meanwhile, Secret Agent Zero and Assassin X are battling it out using various styles of combat.
    Johnny and Sydney fight off guards only to be confronted by none other than Kid Dynamo, now a Nazi officer in the Hammer Empire. Johnny gives Kid Dynamo a huge wedgie and bowls over the other guards with Kid as the bowling ball. Cornered and fearing for their lives, Johnny takes the opportunity to passionately embrace Sydney with a kiss, after all it is their "one last chance for romance". Abbey saves them as they kiss.
    Abbey, Sydney and Johnny all head above ground to where the entire Hammer army is gathered at a ceremonial site. As Abbey moves towards the site for a closer look, Cain, Abel and Doctor Kharnov Von Kripplor capture Johnny and Sydney. At the ceremonial site, the old Nazi general is given the helmet, shield and sword to no effect, collapsing in the process. Natalia Kassle finds Abbey spying and they face off - knives versus guns.
    At the ceremony, with the ritual words spoken and still no effects from the armor, the general becomes enraged which triggers the armor's activation and kills many soldiers in the process. A hugh white beam of light shoots into the heavens and when it disippates the Nazi general becomes a herculean figure with cape, flowing locks and all. An innocent troop pledging his allegiance is turned to stone and three other unwitting soldiers are zapped by lighting strikes, such is the power of this mystic armor.
    The newborn general then exclaims that he has no more use for the Hammer army and resurrects skeletons from beneath the earth who attack everyone indisctrimantly. Major Maxim, enraged by this betrayal, begins shooting at the general but to no effect. Abbey tries to persuade Natalia to stop her leader, now possessed by some demon. The warrior general cuts off Major Maxim's arm in the ensuing fight, much to the displeasure of Doctor Khanov Von Kripplor. Johnny and Sydney use the distraction to escpae their captors and run away, just as Natalia and Abbey appear in an armoured helicopter ready to strike at the general. He shoots a huge stream of fire briefly knocking back the helicopter. Abbey cleverly shoots at the general but only to miss and hit the waterfall above the ceremonial site causing water to burst down the hill. The helmet floats on the surface, no general in sight, their task is complete. However, Natalia takes the ooportunity to attack Abbey while still flying the helicopter.
    Still on the underside of the island, Secret Agent Zero and Assassin X are battling among the flames of the furnaces. Asssassin X delivers a strong blow and in flipping backwards to avoid a counter attack hits a galleyway with too much force and it collapes. Zero, not wanting to see his former friend die, grabs and catches Assassin X. Assassin X, rather than submit, slices Zero's rib cage and cause him to drop Assassin X into the flames. Zero notices the bomb timer is broken and escapes not knowing how long the island has left before descruction.
    Deuce and Silicon arrive on jet-skis to save Johnny and Sydney, while Abbey and Natalia fight it out 100 feet above the ground. As the island is blown into smitherines, Natalia falls out the helicopter and is saved by Abbey only for Abbey to lose her grip and Natalia fall into the engulfing flames.
    Back on the Danger Yacht Mark II, the Danger Girl team and Agent Zero toast to their success. Secret Agent Zero makes a subtle getaway clutching a photo of Abbey as a child saying, "Looks like you've finally found a good familly, Abbey. I'm just sorry I couldn't be a part of it."
    Major Maxim's body sinks to the bottom of the ocean but not before his strange red eyes flash with life once more. "The End...?"


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    This final issue of the first Danger Girl series is by far its best.  Putting mostly aside its own self parody, the story here focuses more on the action and the resolution of the plot.  Abbey is on the trail of rescuing her teammates while they themselves have escaped.  Zero attacks an old ally underneath the island as the Fourth Reich prepares for their ceremony.  There are the expected thrills here as the action pacing is really handled quite well.  It maybe doesn't speak as well for the rest...

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