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Things Happen...

Danger Club #1 Danger Club #2

Plot: The world has gone to hell and now it's up to Kid Vigilante to save it?

The Art: Is nice, however it looks a bit different from prior issues. The art showing the sunset is perhaps my favorite page.

Story and Script: Now last issue's ending was a bit confusing, and I gotta say this issue is too. The execution of the story is fantastic, however there are a lot of scenes where I'm like "what's going on". The ending itself will leave you scratching you're head.

Kid Vigilante is fantastic, he's very Batman like. The Magician calling his parents was really well done. This book is a lot like the Walking Dead in the sense no one is safe. This issue really confirms that, and I like that they're always keeping you on you're toes.

The best part about this series, is that it's able to really shock me. You never know exactly what's going to happen next.


I'd like to give this issue a higher score, however I can't. The main cons in this issue, is confusing it can get as well as the fact it wasn't as compelling as prior issues. It's still a fantastic read, but this issue is definitely inferior to prior issues.

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