Danger Cave

    Location » Danger Cave appears in 7 issues.

    Built by Prodigy, this cave is similar to the Danger Room in that it uses holograms in order to facilitate training. Also used as a base of operations for the Young X-Men.

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    New X-Men

    The Danger Cave was first introduced in New X-Men #21. It was built by Prodigy, using skills he obtained by being around Hank McCoy and Kitty Pryde. This was originally built with the intention of being used as an additional training device for his New X-Men teammates. However, after M-Day drastically decreased the amount of students attending the school, the cave was rarely used.
    In the few instances the Danger Cave was utilized in New X-Men, the New X-Men and the Hellions relived some classic X-Men battles. The classic battles depicted by the Danger Cave consisted of Fall of the Mutants, X-Men vs. the Brood, a battle with a Nimrod, and Inferno.  

    Young X-Men

    The Danger Cave also made an appearance as a base of operations in the first arc of Young X-Men, Final Genesis. The cave was shown to be large enough to house a couple of jets that the team used to confront some of the New Mutants. The Cave was also shown to have a cell that was used to briefly imprison Magma.  
    The most notable use of the Danger Cave's holographic cabalities came after Magma heated the sand that Dust is composed of, turning her to glass. The Young X-Men attempted to use the A.I. versions of Beast, Nightcrawler, Reed Richards, and Moira MacTaggert to cure Dust's condition, however the A.I. just couldn't come up with a viable solution.

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