Dane Dorrance

    Character » Dane Dorrance appears in 126 issues.

    Dane Dorrance is an underseas adventurer, the leader of the Sea Devils, and husband of Judy Walton Dorrance.

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    Dane Dorrance was created by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath.

    Current Events

    The Sea Devils are viewed as controversial environmentalists because they protect the ocean and the creatures that live in it. In Aquaman #17, Dane, Judy and Nick tried to stop Captain Moller from whaling before Aquaman and a group of Atlanteans intervened. Dorrance confronted Aquaman about his allegiance and got shot and injured by Murk for getting too close to the King. Aquaman was angered by Murk's attack and scolded the soldier.


    The son of John Payton Dorrance, Dane Dorrance was devastated by his father's disappearance at sea, which occurred when Dane was still a young boy. He refused to give up hope that his father might one day be found, and later followed in his father's footsteps by becoming involved in sea exploration.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sea Devils

    With his team the Sea Devils, Dorrance goes on a number of adventures, fighting a variety of water-based monsters, as well as protecting the oceans from unscrupulous humans. Eventually he locates his father, now known as Captain X, and after initial clashes Dorrance and his father join forces to defeat a common foe. The two part on good terms, and Dorrance continues to adventure with his team.

    Forgotten Heroes

    Dorrance is selected by Immortal Man to join the Forgotten Heroes in foiling a plot by Vandal Savage. He assists the team in freeing Superman from the influence of Savage, and later travelled back in time with them to destroy Savage's original time pyramid in the Big Bang.

    The Hunters

    Dorrance and his team are enlisted by Aquaman to help deal with the villainous Hunters, who are attempting to take over the Earth. Dorrance leads the team in defending Atlantis from the Hunters' advances, and is largely successful, though the Atlantean city of Brasil is destroyed despite their best efforts.

    Cry for Justice

    Dorrance and the Sea Devils join Wally West and Jay Garrick in defusing one of Prometheus' bombs, which has been planted underwater.

    New 52

    Dane Dorrance is at odds with Aquaman when he and his crew meet up at a whaling ship that is using stolen Atlantean technologyto kill humpback whales. Dane gets in Aquaman's face and points at that two of his citizens died during The Atlantean War. Dane is blasted by Murk, leader of The Men of War, a frontline of Atlantis.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dorrance possesses no superhuman powers. He is in good shape for a man of his age. He is a skilled diver, and capable with a variety of underseas equipment. He shares several watercraft, diving equipment, and a large robotic headquarters with the Sea Devils. He is a skilled leader. He is capable in hand-to-hand combat, as well as proficient with some weaponry, particularly the speargun.

    Alternate Versions


    Dorrance and the other members of the Sea Devils are humanoid fish who were mutated into their current form by nuclear fallout.


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