Dana Tan

    Character » Dana Tan appears in 79 issues.

    A student at Hamilton Hill High School, Dana was Terry McGinnis' girlfriend, and later his fiancee.

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    Dana is an Asian American living in Neo-Gotham. She is a senior at Hamilton Hill High. She has been dating Terry Mcginnis off and on for several years. She is often annoyed by his many disappearing acts. Dana at one time, was being terrorized by a disfigured stalker named Patrick Fitz who others referred to as Ratboy. Terry saved Dana from Patrick and his vermin minions but Terry had inadvertly caused an explosion which scarred Patrick even more. A few weeks had passed since Dana's encounter with Patrick in the sewers but she still had not gotten over the fear of being attacked by rats.

    During a lesson in Dr. Pritchard's science class, Dana begins to freak out because Nelson had put a white lab rat in Dana's hair. She screams her way out of the classroom and into the hallway while imagining those giant sewer rats that kept her prisoner, were attacking her now. Terry calms her down and removes the rat. When Terry and Dana head back to the classroom, they are shocked to discover that the entire class has come under attack by rats. The classroom is screaming for help as the rats bite students but suddenly the rats are called away by some unknown source that came from the air ducts. Terry eventually put Patrick's obession with Dana to an end but Patrick may have survived his latest encounter with the Batman.

    Batman Beyond: Matter of the Heart

    In Metropolis, Carson Jatts is an analyst for all the confiscated materials or contraband that the Justice League has collected over the years. Unfortunately, Jatts has cancer due to the alien and radioactive materials in the Justice League archives. Jatts decides he wants revenge on the Justiice League before he dies so he steals the original Matter Master's Mentachem wand from the archives located in the Justice League Watchtower.

    Jatts heads to the Annex 3 which is the metahuman evidence confiscation facility in the Justice League Watchtower. Another fellow analyst named Herb interrupts Jatts during his attempt to break into the facility's vault. Jatts then uses his master key to access Mandrill's case locker. Jatts grabs the Mentachem wand and the properties of the wand react to Jatts' peculiar affliction. The wand begins to meld with Jatts' right arm and turns it neon green. Jatts staggers to his feet by grabbing a hold of Herb but to his surprise, Herb is immediately transformed into lead.

    Jatts manages to escape the Justice League Watchtower but soon after, his getaway speeder is thrashed byWarhawk and Green Lantern. Jatts destroys one of Warhawk's wings and crash lands into a Gotham mall where Mary and Matt McGinnis were shopping. Jatts takes everyone in the plaza hostage and seals that section of the mall in polytritanium. Some of the hostages try to subdue Jatts while Mary McGinnis tried to reason with him but he transforms rebellious hostages into copper.

    On the other side of town, Terry and Dana go to Goodwin's JR Speeders to buy a speeder for Terry's brother Matt because his graduation was coming up. Unfortunately, Terry gets a call from Bruce about a hostage situation at the Fields-Rich Mall. Terry tells Dana that he will be right back. After a while, Dana gets fed up with waiting and picks out a speeder for Matt. She drives the speeder home and when she arrives, she sees her mother waiting for her. Dana notices her mother's face is filled with shock. Dana asks what's wrong and her mother replies that Dana's brother Doug is being paroled.

    Batman Beyond:

    Dana also has a brother named Doug Tan who spent time in Blackgate for his past crimes. However, Doug was released for good behavior and now he has returned home. Its possible that Doug has bettered himself as a criminal and he might very well be the cybernetic criminal known as Undercloud. Undercloud has recently made contact with Maxine Gibson and has offered her chance to join him in his illicit enterprise. Maxine has only agreed to join Undercloud because Undercloud has threatened to harm anyone close to her but Max has plans to learn everything about Undercloud and turn his deviant knowledge against him.


    Dana was created for the futuristic follow up to Batman: the Animated Series called Batman Beyond.

    Dana is currently having some yet to be explained problems and Terry is not around to help, again. This story is only beginning.

    Possible Future

    Dana and Terry date for 15 years on and off post high school. At some point before, Terry tells her that he is Batman. He breaks up with her for the final time, stating if anyone found out about her his enemies will come for her, which is also why he never married her.

    After Terry finds out he is the biological son of Bruce Wayne, he confronts Amanda Waller and Bruce. Bruce tells Terry that despite all that, he is still his own person and not to make the mistakes he made. Terry accepts that he is his son and that he makes his own destiny and leaves, implying that he is going to propose to Dana.


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