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    Dana Winters-Drake was the physical therapist of Jack Drake but became his second wife and step mother of Tim Drake. She was believed to have been killed during the Bludhaven crisis, but writer Fabian Nicieza has confirmed her survival.

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    Dana Drake was created by Chuck Dixon and Phil Jimenez. She made her debut in Robin #12.


    Dana was the physical therapist for Jack Drake, after he awakened from his coma stemming from the Obeah Man, he was left paraplegic. Jack eventually regains the use of his legs, and begins a romantic relationship with the much younger Dana, which helped to repair the relationship between Jack and his son Tim Drake, secretly Robin the Teen Wonder, which kept a distance between Tim and his father. Eventually Jack and Dana decide to get married, tying the knot of a summer day,following being possessed by a cursed amulet,by the spirit of Ravenna, before being knocked out by Stephanie Brown, giving her a black eye on her wedding day.

    Marriage proved difficult for the couple,as they face several large obstacles such as Jack's depression stemming from his previous wife, Janet Drake. As well as Jack's company becoming bankrupt costing them the vast amount of there fortune, requiring them to downsize their lifestyles. Eventually, Dana along with Jack and Tim leave Gotham City before it becomes No Man's Land, with the Drake family moving to Keystone City briefly, before Tim sneaks back into Gotham, with his parents deciding to return afterward.

    During Gotham's gang wars, Dana along with Jack volunteer to help Leslie Thompkins clinic with the influx of injuries that occurred. Shortly after however her husband is killed by the supervillian Captain Boomerang, causing her to have a mental breakdown and is confined in a Bludhaven clinic, where she would often forget that Stephanie Brown and Jack Drake were dead, to give her mind a rest. She was frequently visited by Tim and Alfred Pennyworth who grew to have feelings for her.


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