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    Dan Turpin was known as 'Brooklyn' during the Second World War. Later he moved to Metropolis and joined the Special Crimes Unit.

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    World War II

    During World War II, a young Turpin is a member of the Boy Commandos under Rip Carter. He was nicknamed Brooklyn during this time.


    Some time after the war, the young Turpin moves to the Suicide Slums in Metropolis. Here, he grows up and becomes a police officer. Turpin is one of the initial people in Metropolis to encounter the New Gods. He even fights Kalibak, defeating him by using a generator that channels all of the power in Metropolis.

    Later, Turpin is offered a position in the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit alongside Maggie Sawyer and accepts. He becomes the head of the unit after Sawyer leaves for Gotham.

    Final Crisis

    At the outset of the Final Crisis, Dan Turpin, now a private investigator, is on the trial of six missing children. After a meeting with Renee Montoya, he follows a lead to a nightclub in New York City called the Dark Side Club. Here, Dan seeks an audience with Boss Dark Side and is possessed by him.

    Turpin continues following the lead after this, to the Mad Hatter, who admits he helped build mind control devices for someone. Turpin savagely beats the Hatter with a toilet seat, commenting that he enjoys the violence. This is the first sign that Turpin isn't well after his encounter with Boss Dark Side.

    The Hatter tells Turpin to go to the ruined city of Bludhaven. Turpin goes there, and meets up with a televengelist named G. Godfrey Goode, and is lead into the bunker Command D to the so called Evil Factory. Here, the Evil Gods go about making Turpin a vessel for their leader, Darkseid. After trying to fight Darkseid, Turpin submits to Darkseid. Turpin is left wounded but alive after Batman shoots him with a radion bullet in the shoulder- a non-lethal wound for a human, but fatal to the Evil God possessing him. When Darkseid left the vessel of Dan Turpin because of the radion bullet, Turpin died.

    Dan Turpin in Other Media

    Superman: The Animated Series

    Dan Turpin is a recurring character throughout the series, as the head of the Special Crimes Unit. He is later killed by Darkseid. When fighting Darkseid, Superman dedicates one of the blows that brings down Darkseid to Turpin, who retorts " Had I known one human's death would pain you so, I would have killed more ". Following Darkseid's defeat, Turpin receives a hero's funeral, complete with a tombstone with the epithet "World's Greatest Hero."

    This version of Turpin is physically based on his creator, Jack Kirby. During the funerary service, a rabbi reciting a Kaddish is seen. This is in reference to the fact that Kirby was Jewish.


    In the Season 8 Episode of Smallville called "Bulletproof" shows a young Dan Turpin who works as a street cop in Metropolis Police Departmentm who was partner of Joe Fordman, who really was Clark Kent in disguise searching for corrupt pollice officers. This version of Dan Turpin was played by David Paetkau


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