Dan Richards

    Character » Dan Richards appears in 123 issues.

    The first costumed Manhunter originally from Quality Comics and later acquired by DC Comics in 1956.

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    This page is for the 1st Manhunter, Dan Richards.

    Major Story Arcs

    Quality Comics' costumed Manhunter debuted in Police Comics #8 which was written by Tex Blaisdell and drawn by Alex Kotzky. Dan Richards had graduated at the bottom of his Police Academy class while his friend, Jim, had graduated with top honors. When Jim refused to kill for a corrupt politician, Jim was framed for murder. Richards became the Manhunter to prove Jim's innocence and capture the real killer. The Manhunter solved the case and captured the real murderer based on secret files he had gathered on known criminals. Richards continued being the Manhunter whenever the authorities were unable to solve mysteries or capture criminals.

    The Manhunter had a dog as a partner named Thor, the Thunderdog, that was always nearby when Richards walked his patrol as a policeman. Thor would join the Manhunter when he blew a supersonic whistle that was inaudible to human ears. Thor was an excellent tracker and attack dog. The Manhunter worked briefly with the All-Star Squadron then later joined the Freedom Fighters. The Manhunter met another costumed hero of the same name, Paul Kirk, when both were members of the All-Star Squadron. Both Manhunters later worked together with the Young All-Stars. The Manhunter continued his crime-fighting career at least into the 1950s. At some point, Richards retired from being the Manhunter.

    Richards eventually learned about the ancient sect of Manhunters but not about their evil, murderous plans. Believing the Manhunters to be a force for good, Richards convinced his granddaughter, Marcie Cooper, to join them. During the Millennium event, Richards learned of the evil nature of the Manhunters when Marcie appeared as the Harlequin and attacked him and Molly Mayne Scott. Richards and Molly Scott escaped from the Harlequin but Molly was injured in the process. Richards took Molly to a hospital where she recovered from her injuries.

    Later, the Harlequin was defeated by Jade and Obsidian assisted by Richards. The Harlequin was eventually killed in a confrontation between Infinity, Inc and Injustice, Unlimited. A few years later, Richards was murdered by Mark Shaw also known as the Manhunter and the Privateer. Shaw was deranged, assumed the identity of a killer known as Dumas and was killing other Manhunters such as Richards.


    Though he had no superpowers,Manhunter was trained well as a fighter and a gymnast. He was naturally strong, tough and agile. Criminals feared his physical abilities as well as his amazing detective skills. Criminals also feared his dog Thor.


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