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Dan Reed is an Artist who has always loved the comic book medium, and who wanted to become a professional comic artist, even as a very young boy. At 13, while attending the small comic shows around in Miami back then, he found out that C.C.Beck lived in the general area. He began to visit Mr. Beck, who went on to hire him as an assistant during summer months.

At fifteen years old, he entered the art contest at Miami Con One, where his work was judged first place by none other that Jack Kirby, himself!

At nineteen years old, he began working for a local company that had connections with South American comics, and began penciling and inking “El Hombre Mosca”… for the whopping sum of $5 dollars a page… talk about your sweat shops…

He finally broke into comics in 1981, by talking Charlton Comics to print his work for free… and he thought that five bucks a page was bad…

He went on to work for DC, doing House of Mystery pin-ups, and then Marvel doing Indiana Jones, The Hulk, Alpha Flight, The Punisher, Captain America, and others.

He went to college for a couple of years, studying fine art while getting a full scholarship for doing a newspaper strip called “SubAtomica.”

He then went to live in Paris, France, and started working for Marvel UK doing the Transformers.

After a few years of this, he returned to America, and once again starting working for Marvel and DC.

Wanting complete creative control, he went on to self publish “New World Order” 1-8 and “Retro-Dead” #1

He continued to do work for Image Comic's Big Bang, where he introduced his character, the Dimensioneer!

He also continued painting, and started to do small animation shorts.

Dan is currently publishing his own comic book, “Dimensioneer.”


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