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    Created by Norman Marsh, Dan Dunn made his big splash in newspaper comics, but started out in comic books. Dunn started at the short-lived Humor Publications Co. in 1933 in a one-shot called Detective Dan, Secret Op. 48.

    Humor Pub. folded after only 3 issues. Marsh took Dunn to Publishers Syndicate who transferred him from comics to newspapers.

    On the whole Dan was pretty much a clone of Dick Tracy save that Dan sometimes went up against bad guys that wanted to take over the world . He often helped out a little orphan girl named Babs and her dog Wolf.

    Like the Black Hood at Archie and Ka-Zar at Timely he was one of the few comic book characters to appear in his own pulp magazine, which lasted only 2 issues.

    The character was written by Norman Marsh (1933–1941) and Allen Saunders (1942–1943) and illustrated by Paul Pinson (June 1942 - January 1943) and Alfred Andriola (January to October, 1943). After the strip ended, Saunders and Andriola created a new detective comic strip, Kerry Drake.

    A Dan Dunn radio series lasted for 78 episodes.


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