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    Dan Cooper is a major in the Royal Canadian Air Force, who since 1955 has been dealing with any spies, air pirates, or aliens who think they can intrude on the skies of Canada.

    An all around pilot Dan has flown everything from gliders to jets, and has even logged more time in outer space than any other Canadian.

    An exemplary officer Dan still gets in trouble from time to time for flying off on his own without his superiors permission, but only in dire circumstances when the fate of Canada hangs in the balance, and he is sure that only his intervention can stop attacks by invisible aircraft, or what seem to be alien invaders.  

    Real Life


    The only real stain on Cooper’s reputation came in November of 1971 when a man calling himself Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the United States and demanded $200,000, and that the jet then fly him to Mexico, midway though this flight however he surprised everyone by parachuting out of the plane with the money.

    Mistakenly called D. B. Cooper by the press, the skyjacker was never found, and this being the sort of bold stunt that the real Dan Cooper could pull he has been looked at in regard to the case a number of times.



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