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    In recent years there has been so much mining of classic fairy tales to create third wave feminist heroine books, movies and comics that it's getting pretty nauseating. On balance the stuff probably out proliferates even the zombie craze. Yet another attempt to cash in on this fad is Dynamite's 'Damsels' set of books, of which Damsels Mermaids is just one. Even the ads in this book speak to the craze (there's one for yet another take on Alice in Wonderland, and another for the comic adaptation of the NBC TV series 'Grimm').

    So what original take does Damsels Mermaids bring to the party? Not much. The art is adequate (though there are some flaws like a mermaid without pockets suddenly producing a dagger out of nowhere in the middle of a river), the stories are adequate, but it really all feels done-to-death.

    The backup story "Once Upon a Time" actually has better art than the cover feature, but then its protagonist is a dreadlocked heroine who looks incredibly out of place in a medieval fantasy story. Seriously, the book is just a nose ring and tribal tattoo away from being incredibly dated to the early turn-of-the-millennium.

    Look, I'm not saying Damsels Mermaids #0 is a waste of time or talent, but it certainly doesn't seem like the start of anything too promising either.

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