Dampyr Books #3

    Dampyr Books » Dampyr Books #3 - I Maestri della Notte released by Sergio Bonelli Editore on February 2017.

    An anthology of stories settled in various locations of the world.

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    Five stories by Dampyr's creators, writers Mauro Boselli & Maurizio Colombo! The fearful vampire hunter, Harlan Draka, and his adventure mates – the beautiful undead Tesla and the hard-nosed former soldier Kurjak – will fight the notorious Masters of the Night: the uber-vampires who reign over the creatures of darkness. From Russia to Cornwall, down to the Mississippi swamps, Dampyr will follow his mission: to find these dangerous creatures, who travel across centuries of time in the name of Evil, and battle them in a no-quarter fight.

    The art for this volume is provided by two of the most representative artists of the series, Luca Rossi and Maurizio Dotti – the latter is also the cover artist: their sharp black-and-white style conveys with the maximum power the tense and dark atmospheres of Boselli and Colombo's writing.


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