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Christmas pantomimes are a great favorite among English kids: they're are a classic fairytale-like show of clowning, music and magic, which the kids themselves are encouraged to act out. Denham's new pantomime is twice as special as usual, because it's going to be put on in the legendary "Victoria Theatre", which has been boarded up for over half a century, and also because it's going to feature a special appearance by Harlequin, a character who's virtually disappeared from the British tradition. Not many remember that more than a century ago Harlequin was acted by the great mimic Joanathan Gann, who committed suicide after the mysterious disappearance of several little actors. Then for decades the "Victoria" was considered as a theatre with a curse on it. It's been completely rebuilt since then. But can there possibly still be a few ghosts skulking around, lurking in its corridors, and could it really be that behind its painted backcloth you can cross the threshold into a wondrous and terrifying world? Given that after Jonathan Gann's demise some of his accusers were found to have practically bled to death, the mystery of Denham could be a job for expert vampire-killers like Harlan Draka and Dean Barrymore…

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