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    Dr. Victor Frankenstein's creation who found his way to Willow Weir

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    Damon was created by David Elliott for the Titan Comics' A1: The Weirding Willows. He is based on Frankenstein's Monster by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. His name is based on the Latin word "daemon", meaning 'demon'.


    With the death of Victor Frankenstein, Damon felt his purpose was over and he walked off into the arctic to die. Fate wasn't going to be so kind to him and instead in fell through a portal near the North Pole to Hollow Earth (or the Center of the Earth, or Pellucidar). There he made friends with many of the creatures and dinosaurs there, living happily for nearly a hundred years until he chase Rozalind through a portal into Willow Weir.

    Damon is a strict vegetarian and lives off berries, carrots, and lettuce.


    • Age - Various
    • Height - 6' 7"
    • Father - Doctor Victor Frankenstein
    • Adopted Son - Jack

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