Damon Conquest

    Character » Damon Conquest appears in 12 issues.

    An enforcer for Darquill and Justice's archenemy.

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    The White Event occurred, exposing people across the planet to the energies of the Starbrand. As a result, numerous people began to develop paranormal abilities.

    Darquill developed paranormal abilities and created the world of the Far Place. Within that realm, Damon Conquest served as Darquill's unholy son. He also served as his liaison to the real world. Darquill targeted Department of Justice agent John Tensen with his hallucination power, intending to transform him into one of his Hounds. Damon Conquest forced Tensen, at gunpoint, to enter the Far Place. Tensen managed to partially deflect Darquill's mental attack with his shield, so that rather than become one of Darquill's slaves, he instead became part of his imaginary dreamworld. As a result, he came to believe that he was a native of the Far Place, a Justice Warrior named Tensen.

    Darquill sent agents to slay Tensen, but instead he was returned to reality. Damon punished one of his agents, Mr. Hardesty, for failure by forcing him to cut off his own finger, after the fashion of the Japanese "Small Sacrifice." Darquill contacted Conquest, informing him of Tensen's return to reality. Darquill instructed Damon to have Justice finished off while he was still disoriented from the transfer. Justice took down the Factory, a New York based drug operation under Darquill's indirect control. Darquill instructed Conquest to "Unleash the Hounds."

    A group of Hounds attacked and were fought off by Justice. One Hound escaped with his life, but was terminated painfully as punishment for failure upon returning to Conquest. Justice, having learned of Conquest's existence in LA, began the trek across the country. Darquill informed Conquest that he had sent Tattoo after Justice, resulting in serious injuries and the death of one of Justice's allies, but Justice survived. Conquest planned to allow Justice to recover and then eliminate him personally when he arrived.

    Justice arrived in LA and confronted Conquest. As the two battled, Conquest managed to nail Justice with a direct hit, but rather than kill him, he was instead transported back into the Far Place. Within the Far Place, Justice eventually received another energy blast that caused him to flash back and forth between reality and the Far Place. Justice's continued disappearances and reappearances enabled him to get the upper hand on Conquest. Justice managed to shoot him in the shoulder, after which he stopped shifting between reality and illusion. However, because he expected to shift away, he did not react in time, and Conquest managed to escape.

    Justice and Rebecca Chambers traveled to Darquill's estate, to which Conquest had retreated. Justice found his powers useless against Darquill, but then caught Conquest off guard and took him hostage, forcing his temporary surrender. However, their agent Tattoo then grabbed Chambers, and the three vanished into the Far Place with her, leaving Justice alone in reality. Within the imaginary realm, they planned to manipulate Chambers' mind, turning her over to the dark side of Far Place.

    Within the Far Place, Conquest observed Chambers' progress, as she slew a group of Justice Warriors under Darquill's instruction Within the Far Place, Rebecca Chambers, although becoming more and more indoctrinated as an agent of Darquill, made it clear she wanted no part of the romantic advances of Conquest.

    Within the Far Place, Conquest happily supervised the preparation for the slaughter of the Land of Spring. This assault would be powered by energy siphoned from the corruption of Justice, caused by the use of his "sword" in anger, against their agent, Black Justice. In addition, Rebecca Chambers was now Conquest's lover.

    Justice learned of the defeat of the Land of Spring, and saw the image of Conquest laughing as he took over their castle. Conquest sent his agent, Max, to terminate Mr. Markham for refusing to distribute his drugs. Max was successful, but was then destroyed by Justice.

    Within the Far Place, Conquest applauded the report of the utter defeat of the forces of Spring, and was even more happy to receive Endolana, the former Queen of the Land of Spring, as his personal plaything.

    However, with the aid of Nightmask, Justice began to learn his true past and the nature of the Far Place. When Darquill sent forces to destroy Justice, he instead leaped through the portal into the illusionary realm. Within that realm, he again battled against Conquest, and surprised him by switching his normal sword and shield hands. Justice blew a hole through the unprepared Conquest, killing him.


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