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  Damian Kane is a second generation Un-Man made by the scientist David Manguy. He was primarily a tool for further experimentation on genetic mutations in the human body. He later became the founder of a reservation for freaks and Un-Men just like him. This reservation would eventually be the future site for Aberance U.S.A.  As a boy, Damian looked like a normal human being.  But as he grew older, Damian's physiology mutated, until he resembled his fellow freakish looking Un-Men.  He was buried in Aberance, and when Cranius took over the town, he captured Kane's remains as an agent for his experiments (Cranius calls this agent Compound K).  Kane resurfaced, breaking out of Cranius' test tubes and revolting from Cranius' control.  It is revealed that Kane has telepathic control over the new Un-Men who were created using Compound K.  He had been using this control over the Un-Men to make them kill the freaks who took over Aberance and made it into a theme park.  Despite this however, with the help of Agent Kilcrop, Cranius defeats Damian Kane and severs his control of his new generation of Un-Men.

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