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The Mystery of the Guardians

When the Guardians of the Globe were mysteriously killed Damien set out to find out exactly how. His first theory was that someone had used the stolen Black Samson, but Omni-Man disputed this theory. Damien interrogated Samson who was crushed to learn of their death which made Damien believe he was innocent. He moved on to considering one of many villains the team had fought.

When his leads ran out he returned to the scene and was mocked by fellow agents resembling Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim from Powers. When he returned to the Pentagon to give news of his findings, the secretary at the front desk laughed at him because Omni-Man had already confessed.


Damien Darkblood appears to be Kirkman's version of Rorschach from Watchmen. This is further confirmed by Damien's appearance and attitude. In addition he also uses the interjection "Hurm" much like Rorschach, as well as having a similar outfit (Fedora, Trench Coat, White Scarf and Purple Suit)

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