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    Character » Damian Tryp appears in 79 issues.

    Damian Tryp is the founder and CEO of Singularity Investigations. He also is trying to prevent a possible future in which mutants are responsible for the collapse of civilisation.

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    Brief History

    Damian Tryp might not be a mutant, but a genetic throwback to an earlier time, sometimes referred to as "changelings", which are the predecessors to mutants who develops powers at birth.

    From what little information that is acquired on Damian, he runs a mutant investigations firm called Singularity Investigations, that rivals another firm of the same class which is called Madrox's X-Factor Investigations.

    One of his known powers is that he has lived for centuries, possibly since 12th-century Wales. He has developed an ability to time travel much like Quicksilver who alters his being and can appear in three different time frames. Tryp has been known to have been an influential being within Jamie Madrox's past where he explained that since Jamie's powers developed almost instantly after birth, Jamie was not a mutant but a changeling like Tryp. Since Tryp decided that Jamie was another Changeling, he had intentions of looking after Madrox which lead to the death (murder) of Jamie's parents through a wind burst in the form of a freak tornado.

    The rivalry between Tryp's and Madrox's investigative units became dangerous as Tryp from a younger state of time nearly killed a member of Madrox's team, Siryn with a dart that prevented the use of her powers. The source of this dangerous rivalry was due to a a murder investigation X Factor was in charge of. This murder occurred within a penthouse suite, the man's name was Jack Vaughn, and he claimed that the woman was killed by her sister because of the sister's distress about the woman's relationship with Jack. Jack was guilty though and the sister, desperate for help hired X-Factor to clear her name and bring Jack to justice.

    After finding out X-Factor's involvement in this investigation, Tryp with his team decided to represent Jack Vaughn. Tryp used his youngest version to represent Vaughn's defense attorney. Even with all of his power and Singularity at his side, Vaughn was incriminated due to the actions of the X-Factor member Siryn. This left young Tryp furious and he beat Siryn so brutally that she was near death. Tryp was later approached by Madrox and another member of X-Factor, Strong Guy and was warned to watch his back when they found out it was Tryp who nearly killed Siryn. This threat made Tryp uneasy and he later approached Madrox with the young version, present version and senior version of himself to attempt to persuade Madrox to join Tryp's firm.

    After the rivalry started to cool down, a member of Tryp's firm joined X Factor and stated that Tryp along with Singularity was trying to resurrect the Legacy Virus. Strong Guy was given the task to protect the new member but when he was alone with the informant, he killed the man and reported his status to Tryp. It appeared that quite some time ago, Tryp placed a device in Strong Guy, effectively making him his own personal mole within X-Factor. After the Legacy attempts of resurrection, Madrox utilized one of his duplicated to blow up Tryp's Singularity building thus killing the entire unit including the present Tryp, young Tryp and old Tryp.

    Other Versions

    The only version of Tryp that still exists is Ancient Tryp in which he reveals much of the past and has been able to see the dark future for earth.


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