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    Damballah is the Sky God of the Loa and creator god in Haitian Vodou. A giant white serpent, he is one of the most prominent loas. Shaper of the cosmos, the heavens, the earth and the gods themselves, he is the loa of wisdom, intelligence, creation, fertility, and peace.

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    Damballah is a prominent spirit in Haitian Vodou, which he originates from the city of Wedo (modern day Benin). He is said to be the Sky Father and the primordial creator of all life, or the first thing created by the supreme god, Gran Met. In the story of creation, it is said that his 7,000 coils formed the stars and planets to forge the cosmos. And, his body shaped the hills and valleys of the earth. By shedding his serpent skin, Damballah created all the waters on the earth. As a serpent, he moves between land and water, generating life, and through the earth, uniting the land with the waters below.

    Personality and Role

    Damballah is a member of the Rada house of loas (specifically known for being directly from Africa. As opposed to the Ghede, who are ancestry spirits. And, the Petro, who came out of the horrors of the new world). His character is seen by followers as being benevolent and patient with his followers. Wise and kind, yet detached and removed from the trails and tribulations of daily, human life. In fact, it is said that his very presence brings peace, and he represents a continuum which is "at once the ancient past and the assurance of the future." As a serpent, and due to his extreme age, he does not speak, but may whistle or make a soft, hissing sound.

    Other Media

    Marvel Comics

    In Marvel Comics, there are two serpents called Damballah:

    Damballah, a spawn of the Elder God Set and was born billion years ago, along with other spawns such Sligguth, for him to dominate the planet. His first appearance was in Avengers #152 in October of 1976.

    The Haitian loa. He is an advisory of Brother Voodoo.


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