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Damage Control's in league with the Kingpin? That's what the Punisher thinks. But staying alive long enough to convince the Punisher that there not is the least of their troubles! Wait'll you see the threat that could really destroy the group!

The Punisher goes in the middle of the night to collect intel on Damage Control. He heard that the Kingpin was a silent partner but we know that news is outdated. The Kingpin sold his shares in the company to CarltonCo. Mrs Hoag took a government job and left Robin Chapel in charge. Punisher knocks out the night guard but soon happens upon an office bustling with people and activity. Mayor Koch pleads with Chapel to help the city. Punisher is being ignored so he decides to make a scene by taking Chapel hostage. He soon gets ran off by Dr. Doom, except it isn't Dr. Doom, but Gene's very own Doombot.

She-Hulk busts in to save the day having been alerted by Jarvis who was there on business. On seeing the situation had already been dealt with both of them leave.

Jarvis' business was to contract Damage Control to lift Avengers Mansion out of the ocean and place it back in town. They accomplish the task though Captain America is still ticked at John Porter over his risky behavior at the Vault.

With Michel Souris at the point, CarltonCo starts to take over the business end of Damage Control. They make tons of cuts including mass firings...including Gene. When Albert Cleary points out the cuts aren't viable he gets racially insulted by Souris. Gene goes nuts when he gets his walking papers.

Meanwhile Chapel hires Bart as her personal assistant and he in turns brings in a new intern...Robbie Baldwin, aka Speedball.

Ray Lippert, a new CarltonCo guy shows up at Chapel's apartment and tries to put the moves on her, but is interrupted by the Punisher who still wants to know about the connection between the Kingpin and Damage Control. Chapel Convinces him there isn't one.

When Souris confronts Lenny about all the cuts to his workers and even tries to bribe him, Lenny leads a Damage Control strike.


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AF Reviews: Acts of VengeanceCruel and Ununsual Punisher is the second issue of the Damage Control miniseries by Dwayne McDuffie and Ernie Colon and continues with it's inoffensive brand of silly humor.The Punisher decides to target Damage Control because he has heard they are financed by the Kingpin. He arrives at Damage Control offices wielding a gun only to be treat like another customer and given a number and told to wait for it to be called out. He decides out of entire assumption that Robi...

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