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An 'Acts Of Vengeance' crossover! John, Gene, and Bart are trapped in the maximum security wing of The Vault. Meanwhile, Damage Control is sold to a multi-national corporation. And that's the good news.

Damage Control has been called in to repair the George Washington Bridge while Thor holds it in place. John Porter, Lenny Ballinger, and Gene Strausser do their best to fix it temporarily while Thor's strength holds out. Ann at the front desk gives Bart a birthday present and a smooch. Bart's in love. Mrs. Hoag gets a call from the president, inviting her to be on his Commission on Superhuman Activities. She accepts and taps Robin Chapel to take her place in running Damage ontrol. The
Wrecking Crew break out of their cells at The Vault and regain their powers. John, Bart, and Gene have been sent to fix the security system at The Vault. Both Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk inform Mrs. Hoag that they have sold their shares in Damage Control to CarltonCo. The Wrecking Crew inevitably run into the Damage Control guys and contemplate taking them hostage, except for Thunderball who is
friends with John. Robin Chapel tries to give her first pep speech to the company, but is interrupted by Michel Souris, the new CarltonCo executive in charge. After some more shenanigans between Damage
Control and the Wrecking Crew Captain America shows up to apprehend the criminals. He manages to subdue Piledriver and Bulldozer before Thunderball knocks him out. The Damage Control crew takes a helicopter ride back to headquarters to see what changes the new ownership has made.

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AF Reviews: Acts of VengeanceActs of Vengeance continues in the Damage Control miniseries written by Dwayne McDuffie and drawn by Ernie Colon as Damage Control find themselves in the middle of the breakout at the Vault.So, yes, Damage Control end up at the Vault during the breakout instigated by Loki and the Wizard and they cross paths with the Wrecking Crew. Elsewhere Robin Chapel (that's an absolutely lovely name) takes over running Damage Control. Also, Damage Control is sold shortly after.Th...

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