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A Zero Hour crossover issue. Damage and Wyldheart’s fight with Steelhawk in the streets of Atlanta have caused the authorities to call in the New Titans. The New Titans attack both sides, trying to bring the fight to an end. While Steelhawk flees with Wildebeest in pursuit, Iron Munro calms down both sides. The Titans agree to help Munro, Damage, and Wyldheart find Steelhawk. They eventually track Steelhawk down to a rooftop, and as the fight rages, the effects of Zero Hour hit. First time hiccups, then Iron Munro, Damage, and Steelhawk are thrown through various points in time. The first few show the three events from Damage’s recent past, while the last one reveals Baron Blitzkrieg kidnapping Phantom Lady and blasting Iron Munro. Steelhawk, who seems to know Blitzkrieg, chases after them, while the rest of the world fades to white.

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