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    Dale Eaglesham is a veteran comic book illustrator who has been working in the industry since 1986. He is best known for his work on titles like ConanPunisher,Green LanternVillains UnitedJustice Society of America and Fantastic Four. In 2008, the Shuster Awards selected him as Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Artist of the year.     



    Eaglesham has worked with DC ComicsMarvelDark Horse, and CrossGen, among others. He worked exclusively for DC Comicsfor several years, before returning to Marvel in early 2009.There, his high-profile work includes pencilling the Fantastic Four and Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier. He is currently working on Incredible Hulk for a three-issue arc with writer Greg Pak.

    On February 15, 2011, Marvel announced that it was bringing back Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight, with writers Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak as the writing team, and Eaglesham on pencils. Speaking about the project, the Canadian artist said "I'm pretty excited to build a Canadian superteam into a force in the mainstream...there's a lot of depth to these characters and a lot of potential. If there's anything different in my approach at all, it'll be an authenticity to the locales because this is where I live."

    One notable feature of Eaglesham's work for the first two years of his return to Marvel was that his projects were uninked, in other words colored and shot directly from his finished pencils.His work on Fantastic Four and Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier also earned him the nickname "The Evolutionary Jack Kirby," referring to Eaglesham's ability to keep his art fresh and innovative while paying homage to classic comic book art.

    Previous work for DC Comics included the acclaimed Villains United series, which was written by Gail Simone. He is also known for his work inaugurating Batman: Gotham Knights, as well as his two-year run on Green Lantern, which included the landmark issue #150 featuring Jim Lee’s new Kyle Rayner costume and the “Hate Crimes” story arc featured in the New York Times and on the Phil Donahue talk show. He wrapped up his award-winning run on Justice Society of America in December 2008, with his final issue released in April 2009.


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