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    Universe of Milestone Media characters prior to being merged with the DC universe in Final Crisis. As of 2020, The Dakotaverse is now predesignated as "Earth-M", a.k.a. "Earth-93", in the DC Multiverse.

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    The Dakotaverse originated from the DC imprint Milestone Media, a group of mostly black comic artists who sought more control over their creations.

    Dakota is a city plagued with gang related crime, which came to a climax during a full out brawl between the major gangs at Paris Island ,the poorest section of the city. However, Mayor Thomsina Jefferson got word of this, and tried to gas the gang members out.

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    This, however, caused the Big Bang instead, which while it did cause most of the gang members to be vaporized, the survivors mutated and gained various metahuman powers. However, the same explosion that created these villains also created one of Dakota's finest heroes; Static.

    While Static may be the most famous of Dakota's heroes, the strongest may not be a Bang Baby at all, but an alien. In the Pre-Civil War South, an alien pod crashed landed, where an alien took the form of the first thing he encountered, a slave woman. Existing in the shadows, it was only in recent times that he was convinced by a young woman to use his Superman level powers for good in the open. for as she became Rocket, he became Icon.

    Not all of Dakota's heroes had powers. One of them was a man...a simple man who was taken advantage of by corrupt business tycoon Edwin Alva. To get revenge at being used, this disgruntled employee took up a suit of tech to fight....he became Hardware.

    While many of the Dakotaverse's heroes were black, not all of them were of the African Race. One hero in the Dakotaverse was Asian, a hero who walked the walls of life and death after a fateful accident, known as Xombi.


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