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Dakota North was the daughter of Samual J. North, and she chose the career as a fashion model. She did not like the job, and wanted something with more depth, more importance, and become a private investigator and opened her own agency. It's quite successful, having branches in four major cities them being New York, Rome, Tokyo and Paris. Her earliest case was being hired by Luke Jacobson to guard him and his designs. Her next case was Major George C. Cooper where she was to guard a sample of a deadly gas. The gas was stolen (it was stored in a gold pen) and was in possession of Dakota's brother. Dakota followed her brother in Switzerland and they were captured by Sheik Ibn Bheik. The sample gas was released and killed Bheik and his men, but Dakota and her brother escaped.

Dakota was then hired to track down a serial killer who had murdering fashion models. The murderer was called "Slasher". The investigation led to two models who were Elyse Nelson and Mary Jane Watson. Along the way, Dakota met Spider-Man and found out that Nelson was in fact the serial killer and save Watson just in time.

She was then hired by Jack Power to clear Jessie Wilcox Jones of theft chargers. She had met the Punisher while investigating and together they worked to prove Jones' innocence. She also battled Wasp and King-Size.

Her next case involved gathering information on Luke Cage she befriended him and help him in a situation with his father before returning him home. When Malice, the former Dora Milaje once known as Nakia was out to kill Black Panther, Dakota was hired to guard Monica Lynne. She is now Murdock, Nelson and Blake's Private Investigator, recommended to the job by Jessica Jones.

A mini-series has been scheduled with no release date, to be written by C.B. Cebulski, to come after Secret Invasion.


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