Dakor the Magician

    Character » Dakor the Magician appears in 12 issues.

    Golden Age magician of Marvel.

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    Dakor was a magician who used his skills as a professional detective, a particularly well-paid one as noted. He first appeared on the scene in the 1940's in America.


    Dakor the Magician was created by an unknwon writer/artist and first appeared in Mystic Comics issue 1 (1940). The character was heavily influenced by Mandrake.

    Major Story Arcs

    Follow the Murder Trail

    His first story had him pursuing murderer Tom Denver and the stolen Ruby of Chung first to France and then to the deserts of North Africa where Denver had joined the French Foreign Legion. When Denver was captured by the Tuareg in a conflict with the Legion, Dakor followed him. He killed the leader of the Tuaregand finally retrieved the Ruby. He was payed 50,000 dollars for bringing Denver to justice. He decided to return the Ruby to the Cult of Chung, somewhere in the Orient. His next tale had him rescuing the British consul at Singapore from the Chinese bandits of Borneo.

    Future Foundation

    More recently, Dakor was seen again when he was seemingly revivied and encountered the Future Foundation of the Fantastic Four.

    Powers and Abbilities

    Dakor was a skilled hypnotist and master of illusion, able to place several people under trance at the same time. He was also a ventriloquist.


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