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How the hell does daken have and keep his tattoo if he has a healing factor?!- wouldnt the healing factor cancel it out?

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It's not hurting him or destroying his cells it's just ink under his skin. I'm sure he didn't have to put that ointment on it for weeks lol

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Everyone heals, normal people still have their tattoos after they heal, Why should Daken be any different? Having a tattoo isn't an injury. 

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Maybe its a paint tattoo ?

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he can probably turn his healing factor off allowing him to have a tattoo.

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Aaaarrrhhhh! This is driving crazy! A Tattoo is not a branding, it's not a scar, its just an injection of ink. I'm pretty sure Daken can get an injection with out B12 shooting all over the God Damn place as soon as you pull the needle out. I don't know why I'm even bothering try to explain this again......

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I jot it down as Daken having adamantium flakes in the paint. Because he could.

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