Off My Mind: Can Villains Turn Good? Daken Edition

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#51 Posted by Dakens son (444 posts) - - Show Bio
@Archetype said:
" @G-Man said:

"Daken being good is just not something I really want to see."

I couldn't agree more.His place in the Marvel U should be similar to that of Mystique.She typically is a villain killing people and scheming away even if she joins some good guys she is always scheming.Daken should always be looking out for his best interest because that's who he is, a self-important conniving loner though he does also work in a team but that might have been unique to the DAs because of who they are and what they were allowed to do.Anyway I agree... "
I think Daken will be an X-force addition in the near's a bit obvious that wolverine and his litle boy will work toghether to bring down Romulus,thats the only thing Romulus wouldnt expect.
Being put in the x-force is the only way for him to exist in marvel un. cause he sims to be a better tracker thatn his dady
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#52 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8418 posts) - - Show Bio

He doesn't bother me that much however the best thing I could think of is in the aftermath of the Siege, as Asgard lies in ruins and everyone is counting the dead, Daken just goes off on his own into the sunset and into obscurity

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#53 Posted by KumoriKunoichi (638 posts) - - Show Bio

I say Daken gets utterly humiliated, it gets videotaped and posted on the internet, and then X-23 and Wolverine double team him to death. And I'm not talking like "atomic wedgie" humiliated. I mean "covered in paint balls, caught in compromising positions" humiliated! That boy deserves a good ass whoopin'.  My main problem with him is this: He's too Angsty! That's redundant.
Wolverine is angsty because the poor guy was screwed over all of his life.
X-23 is angsty because she's a clone, was born to be a weapon, and is sick of being used.
And there's Daken. He was ripped out of his mother and turned into Evil Daken by some crazy guy who has claws and super sc..REDUNDANT. REDUNDANT REDUNDANT!
  I swear, they threw together some elaborate storyline JUST to give a reason as to why Daken is angsty. Who cares. Kill him already.

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#54 Posted by KingAmongMongrels (15 posts) - - Show Bio

Daken as a good guy would be another addition to a long list of mistakes on Marvel's part.

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#55 Posted by DAKEN1 (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Well im pretty clear that Dakens not turning to the side of rightfulness any time soon especially regarding the fact that hes just started his empire in Madripoor and is now trying to steal the current underground crime syndicate in LA from the Pride who ever they/or he/even she is.Possibly in the future like a Vol 2 or 3 he might transcend to something more of the anti-hero persuasion,well just have to wait and see.Back to my main point Daken is your quintessential hedonist bent on global conquest and ambiguous desire to watch the world burn,so folks hes not turning over a new leaf anytime soon.

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