How does Daken have a tattoo when he's got a healing factor?

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Just curious

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@safefruitcake: Daniel Way explained it like this:

“Ink is not a poison. So when the wound from the tattooing process heals, the ink will still be there,” Way said. “Tattoos aren't scar tissue. There's scar tissue underneath but when you traumatize the skin and saturate it with ink, the skin heals and the tattoo remains. Everybody gets tattoos and everybody heals from the tattoo. The tattoo ink is left behind and it's not poison so his healing factor doesn't get rid of it.”

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@god_spawn: That's not a very satisfying answer in my opinion. Daken's healing factor might be different but Wolverine has shown to reject any foreign body from his system. This included things that were not even harmful like sedatives.

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"Because it's a comic book".

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^ Winner

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