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Back when Daken was introduced they used a teaser image officially titled "Wolverine's Son" this picture was shown to not be Daken after his formal first appearance but it was still used as the variant cover for the issue "wolverine origins #10". When I first viewed it I assumed it was Erista, and till this day I still feel the same way even though I've gotten to love Daken as a character.What are your takes on this?

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Yeah, it doesn't really look like Daken.
It would be nice to see Erista, they should at least acknowledge his existence.

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I sometimes feel like the conception and development of Daken was pointless because of Erista's existence. The Jungle Adventure was a great story, hopefully one day we see some sort of continuation of it.

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I think,due to the fact that the series was about wolverines roots,that kid is wolverine.
Maybe they tried to show an image of his early childhood.
I have to agree though,they should present Erista one day,everyone,me included,was expecting him to be Logans son in origins #10.

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@Dakens son:
I always thought it wasn't him ever since they revealed his age (mid 60's) and origin because he couldn't fit the setting, which would go the same for it not being wolverine also. And as for Daken's creation as a character I do have to agree seeing as there was already a suitable character.

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