Does anyone actually like or support what happened to Daken?

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#51 Posted by CrimsonAlchemist (412 posts) - - Show Bio

@spiderbat87: I know right he is what made Toxin interesting , not that I' don't mind Eddie taking over as host.

I really enjoyed Daken as a character since his first appearance in Wolverine Origins but the the way they killed him off was really rushed although I liked the way he went out. This is a reason why I buy less Marvel books lately, I feel like every character I like gets raped and then thrown under a bus.

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#52 Posted by Shadowsnake89 (510 posts) - - Show Bio

. Daken's dead and it's the best thing that could have happened,  in my opinion. Never liked him one bit.

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#53 Posted by Shadowsnake89 (510 posts) - - Show Bio
@X35: Which Crimson Dynamo died?
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#54 Posted by lady_toyano (175 posts) - - Show Bio

I supported everything that Daken was up until the heat arch started. He was his brightest during the Dark Reign saga and really drew me in and got me hooked on comics again because it was so nice to read a character that was so deliciously screwed up and didn't apologize for it. His ego was huge, and he just knew he was the best thing since milk chocolate. If you didn't think so at first, you would after you smelled him ahah. He was an amazing anti-villian of the likes I hadn't seen in a long time and reading his appearances monthly to find out what he was scheming next kept me fascinated each month. I loved how he pushed boundaries so aggravatingly and had mad crazy ambition with a power set that allowed him to accomplish most of it through turning a troop topside with being a dude with pheromone control that wasn't afraid to use it on ANYONE to meet his goals. With each naughty thing he did I found myself surprised and captivated to the lengths to which he would go through perusing and objective or sometimes all together just stop when you would expect the worst to come from him at times. He was totally refreshing to read and an amazing break from the usual, because he really knew how to ruffle feathers. Whether they were on his side or not and I couldn't help but be entertained by that. He represented a side of comics that made me feel good to be a part of but at the same time so bad, and I loved the conflict it arose in me because he really helped add to the diversity and range that comics have to offer to the public.

As much as I wanted to see him become a king pin, I didn't think Marvel would follow through with that route, but I was hooked reading each of his steps as he reached for the top. When I heard about the series ending I was hella sad, but with the introduction of that dang drug (that just derailed everything and just was so out of place for mister control freak), everything just started to fall apart, and it wasn't even in a clever way where his dubious deeds started crashing in all around him, it was over a drug....a drug that made his healing factor go away that then started killing him. I seriously had to sit back and wonder what the heck happened from Wolverine Origins to the height of awesomeness in Dark Reign till this Heat arch. In any case the only piece of hope I hold on to for Daken is that his body wasn't recovered so yeah. Maybe when someone who actually cares about how Daken's character works and has a grasp on his motivations and capabilities better decides they want to give him ago again, I'll be rite there ready with an updated pull list at my shop and cash in tote.

Love him or hate him that dude made an impact and was hard to ignore when in a crowded room. How in the word can you end that definitely.

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#55 Posted by Crackdown (633 posts) - - Show Bio

@Onemoreposter said:

No body friend. He'll be back.

He blew himself up, that kinda eradicates the

"no body no death"

Its now, no remains

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#56 Posted by Onemoreposter (4365 posts) - - Show Bio

@Crackdown: The body exploded on page?

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#57 Posted by rley616 (20 posts) - - Show Bio

who here dosnt think he is dead i mean he was in jason aarons last wolverine story still running madripor i kinda think marvel is brushing that hack williams under the rug

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#58 Posted by x_29 (2375 posts) - - Show Bio

What the hell is a daken???

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#59 Posted by nephillim (1 posts) - - Show Bio

It`s a real shame!!! I just finish reading his last appearence in the new brother hood of evil thing!! I guess he really is dead now! This character was just too strong for Marvel to handle i think!! I mean , he hilled the Punisher for real...It`s verry sad. I had all his comic. And now he`s dead because somehow sabretooth have been manipulated him to make Wolverine sad when Daken would die!! How the hell this sabrettoth still alive aniway?? He been stab in the brain by wolverine..Lost arms a one point ...Came back again as clone...Killed again by wolverine with the humarsa sword..I mean what the fuck?? And then they Kill Daken...By him?%?% Shame on you marvel.

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#60 Posted by mk111 (3148 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't actually mind that he died. I never cared for Daken, and Wolverine killing him felt like the end for his character arc.

I just didn't like his death. It was lame beyond words.

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#61 Posted by Imperius_Rex (494 posts) - - Show Bio

Do you think he will be back? I like somebody always trying to kill Logan. I don't want him to die I like wolverine. But still. I like him plotted against and hunted

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#62 Posted by Dayvid3 (919 posts) - - Show Bio

Wasted character. I really liked the idea of him wanting to emulate Romulus and build his own empire, Madripoor and such. Wasn't he working on ways to boost his powers too? Oh well, hopefully Quire will build him a little memorial fountain at the school

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#63 Posted by Yung ANcient One (5308 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope he comes back in a couple years, or else... Ill be missing him a little


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#64 Posted by akbogert (3323 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't care much for him, but I can empathize with outrage over Marvel grievously misusing characters and their fans. I certainly won't try to justify his death, but it sounds like at least they made a big deal out of it, one final shebang and all.

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