Daken: To read or not to read?

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I wanna Know If I should read Daken series, I do like him but I'm not sure I got wolverine: weapon x, Laura in her miniseries, x-force. I'm definitely getting the new wolverine and X-23 series just wondering if i should get his series that's all. Tell me what you think.

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Hell Yeah Dakens effin awesome and i pretty sure Daken, X-23, And Wolvie series will all have the wolverine goes to hell story arc
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The first arc of Dark Wolverine ( The Prince) was good, and a fine introduction to the character in case you haven't read his appearances in Wolverine Origins. I'd recommend it. Same with his Siege tie-in (Godlike, Dark Wolverine # 82-84), which used Siege as a background but actually spawned an entirely new story of its own. Dark Wolverine # 81, in which Moonstone confronts Daken was also an interesting character study. All in all, it's a fun book, mostly because Daken can be a charismatic antagonist when written right (which, aside from his own book, doesn't happen very often).
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if you like him go get his comics
he is totally different in comparison with logan and x-23

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