Daken Clothing Appreciation Thread.

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First off , That is one badass scarf. I haven't seen a scarf that badass since Tom Baker was The Doctor. Secondly , Black and Pink? Awesome Color Combination and the glasses are pretty amazing to. He's also secure enough in his mainlines to wear pink which I feel like most men just aren't tough enough to do. The Mohawk is epic as well.

So yeah by far Daken is the most stylish hero around which is surprising given the fact that his father has terrible taste in clothing. Wifebeaters and Jeans?

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needs to be here for this! LOL

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This is the greatest idea for an appreciation thread EVER!! Because he and his clothes are awesome!

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wow, never realized Daken was a hipster lol

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How did I ever miss this thread? Daken is the epitome of style --- the man would wear nothing outside of designer labels. He is no hipster.

There is so much more I can put in here -- this character is simply spectacular in my eyes.

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