Daken a video about his name and meanings

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Educational and insightful, but people'll still butcher his name.

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Good video.

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I saw hulk in the back!

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Mad respects man. Thanks for clearing that up. In fact that makes it easier for me to pronounce that name now because I'm German. lol Good work and thanks again.

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And all this time I've been pronouncing it DAY-ken. Thanks for the insight.

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@Barbie:  Glad to do it. If I ever get confused over German I know where to go now. 
@John Valentine: Thanks. And thanks for following. I'm new here but I have a lot to contribute.

@Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!:  You should see a lot of characters in the back.  I made a whole room in my house nothing but comics. I call it my Otaku room and sometimes my nerd room. But I mean nerd in a positive way.  Thats the left wall, the Marvel side. The floor is a giant Spiderman on one side and Superman on the other and then Spideys side is mostly all Marvel with a few Batman and Superman's side is all DC. Batman was cool enough to be on both sides. That plate at the very end where you see hulk and captain America actually has spider-man on it as well, it's from 1981.  Anyone see the Spiderman cereal? It's under my elbow in the beginning when I hold up the book. 
If you saw my Batman gotham knight review you get to see more of the room.

  @Mutant X:
That's how I said it too until I learned it was a Japanese word. Then it made sense with his origin as well. I knew what it was, I used to live in Japan. I'm also a mutt, not that people called me that, they didn't. 
If you like the background of the room check out my Batman review it will show more

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hmmm interesting. i love when they actually put some thought into the names instead of just throwing something together that sounds cool.
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 They put thought into his blades too the Muramasa blade comes from Muramasa's soul  in Marvel however a real person   Muramasa Sengo was a famous sowrdsmith in Japan in the 1500s who founded his own sword making school He ended up going mad and the legends about him and his swords are that the blades carry his madness and hunger for blood. Muramasa vbecame the Tokugawa Shogunate.  Goro Masaune is probably the most famous sword smith but Muramasa's blades are said to be sharper but that's because he had 150 year of technology on his side. Both sword maker's blades are found as the top level swords in Final Fantasy 2 (4). 
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daaaang droppin' knowledge! what is daken like your favorite character? lol jk but that's really interesting. i'm all for characters having depth and roots in reality.
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@ragdollpurps: Nope just I guess I know a ot about Japan. Wolverine is one of my favorites though. I do like stories that go to Japan thus Dare Devil, Wolverine, etc are good stories because they go a little more global. In fact Dare Devil is one of my favorite books right now. From 500 to now it's been excellent. It's one of Marvel best books I'm going to do a review of 503 tomorrow if babs doesn't beat me to it. 
Anyway here is some more knowledge dropping. 
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Cool video man,thanx for the hint,I used to kill his name too hehehe

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I love this video.  Great job!

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I believe his name means "bastard dog" without watching the clip.
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so he isnt named after the 80's hair band

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@G-Man: thx for pointing me towards this, at first i was like wth but now it makes sence. An my thx go out to blackest night for xplaining this
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The guy that works at the comic store I go to is always saying Day-ken so I thought my pronunciation might have been wrong, but after watching this, I have actually been saying it the right way! Great video :P :)  

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