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So like the title says at the current moment daken is a hero who willing let him self be taken and killed shot in the head with a Muramasa bullet to save the lives of others, he seems to really like honey badger and Laura so he is trying to be a better man, and to be honest I really like hero daken I think it’s a good fit for him I also liked hero sabertooth I know his inversion is wearing of but I will enjoy it while it’s here, I also know that they will most likely ruin daken again like they always do or I think the death seed will emerge. What do u guys think?

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Daken was a villain in Iceman's cancelled solo though, but that solo was pure trash, so it can be ignored.

But yeah overall i like idea of Daken being anti-hero, he is also gonna be a member of X-Men Blue, so yep, Daken is now a full blown hero/anti-hero, would like to see what writers will do to him.

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He always had the propensity for good, it's why it felt idiotic when Remender revealed him as a villain in his Uncanny X-Force run and later brought him back in the same role in Uncanny Avengers. I don't know if he can fully become a hero, but it's a change I endorse.

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He's going to be in the New X-Men Blue so he's going to be a good guy for awhile.


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