Claw Regrowth

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Is it possible for Daken to regrow his third claw? I mean his healing factor should allow it, right? In The Prince story arc, Thing broke his skull while he was beating him and it healed. He was shot through the back of the head with an arrow by Clint Barton during Siege and that healed. So, isn't it possible or is it just a pipe dream?
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101 % sure that the claw will remain hidden
don't forget that he looks for Murammasa tore-create his metal claw
so I think there's a lot more things to expect in Daken's path

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if his healing factor is anything like his father's it should be possible

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Since X-23 regrew a whole arm including claws, then I'm pretty sure Daken can regrow a simple claw...


Chances are the editors & writers don't want to use it until some pivotal moment in a story.  A bit like the lack of claws in Old Man Logan, right up until a climactic moment when he finally popped 'em...

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