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Not much going on here, and very misleading.  Can't say I like it very much, though the DNA touches are pretty cool (though wrong...)

The Good:

There is so much good going on in this issue.  The art is some of the best I've seen yet in this run, and it is some of the best I have seen in Marvel comics, period.  We also have to give credit to the writers; they set up a very nice pace and a couple of very cool confrontations.  This is mostly a fight packed issue, and that works very well for this story arc, actually.  One of the coolest scenes I have also seen in comics, featuring my favorite character too (he's off panel), of all things, is in this comic book!! 

The Bad:

I kind of wanted to see more of Daken vs. X-23, but apparently, I had already seen enough from the X-23 title and the editors or writers felt it was time to move on to other matters.  That's not really that bad, I just wanted to see more of their fight.  


I am very impressed with this crossover; so far it has delivered a terrific story line, and having this artist pencil in this issue was a great decision.  I really hope he does more art for this series; beautiful eye candy!


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